The 100 best digital tools for learning

digital tools
digital tools

Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

In the world of today, learn online is simple and fun. Thanks to digital tools, we can read books, do math, learn programming or play music. And all that easily!

In this article, we show you the 100 best digital tools to learn on the web.

Whether you are a student, teacher or just curious, these tools will make your learning even more fun.

1. Collaboration tools

The first category we will explore concerns collaborative tools specifically designed for learning. Today, it's easier to collaborate remotely on projects, assignments, or even classes.

So here are the best digital tools who makecollaborative learning a reality.

Tool Description
Google Classroom Platform that allows teachers to create, distribute and grade assignments in one place.
Padlet An interactive board where students can post ideas, resources and collaborate in real time.
Zoom Ideal for virtual classrooms, remote tutorials and educational webinars.
Slack Facilitates group discussions around educational or research projects.
Microsoft Teams Integrated with educational tools, perfect for lessons, study groups and school projects.
Quizlet Learning platform that uses memo cards to help memorize information.
Collabboard An online whiteboard for interactive study sessions, drawings and diagrams.
Miro Whiteboard for study sessions, mind-mapping or planning educational projects.
Basecamp A project management platform that combines discussions, task lists, calendars and file storage for optimal organization.

2. Online learning platforms

Having seen the collaboration tools, let's now turn to another digital giant: the online learning platforms.

Platform Description
Google Digital Workshops  A platform offered by Google which offers free online training on various digital subjects, such as digital marketing or programming. Indeed, it is a good starting point for those who want to get started or deepen their digital knowledge. After completing a course, you can get a certification of Google.
Coursera Offers courses in partnership with universities and organizations around the world. Topics range from technology to psychology, with certification and degree options.
Udacity Mainly focuses on technology and developing skills for today's labor market.
Udemy With a more generalist approach, Udemy allows anyone to create and sell a course on its platform.
Khan Academy A non-profit organization that offers free lessons in math, art, economics and many other areas.
Moodle An open-source learning platform that gives educators the freedom to create a personalized learning environment for their students.
Openclassroom Offers a variety of online courses, primarily in technology, with degree pathways and the option of being accompanied by a mentor.
LinkedIn Learning Courses to progress in work, technology or creation.
MyMooc A platform that brings together the best free and paid online courses. It allows you to find and compare MOOCs according to your needs, from different platforms and universities around the world.

3. Digital management tools

Now let's move on to a key element of any digital learning success: management. Indeed, when learning in a group or for projects, it is essential to be well organized.

Here are digital tools that can help:

Tool Description
Trello Organize your lessons, assignments or educational projects using a visual card system.
Asana Plan and follow the steps for an educational project, research or group study. A tool to see the progress of your tasks.
T Un task Manager which helps to organize daily activities.
Click Up A free space to store all your tasks and notes.

4. Web resources (videos, podcasts, articles)

Moving forward in our guide, let's turn to web resources. So where to start?

Here are the best must-have digital tools to enrich your quest for knowledge:

Resource Description
YouTube The ultimate video platform. Indeed, it offers a multitude of tutorials on almost every subject imaginable.
Medium A writing and sharing space where experts and amateurs publish articles on a variety of subjects, ranging from tech to the humanities.
TED Talks Lectures given by experts from around the world on various topics.
Podcast Addict A podcast aggregator that brings together thousands of shows on different themes.
Wikipedia The world's largest and most popular free online encyclopedia.
Feedly An RSS reader that lets you follow your favorite blogs and news sites all in one place.
Pocket A service to save articles and videos to watch later, very useful for managing your watch without being overwhelmed.
Overcast A popular podcast player that offers advanced features like silence removal and speed playback.
Google Arts & Culture A Google initiative that provides access to artwork, exhibitions and stories from around the world. Perfect for art and culture lovers.
Audible An Amazon-owned platform offering professionally narrated audiobooks.

5. Digital organization and note-taking tools

Whether you're a student grading a class or a professional in a conference, note taking is crucial. These tools do much more: they organize and structure your thoughts.

So here's what digital has to offer:

Tool Description
Evernote A robust app for taking notes, creating to-do lists, and saving web articles.
Microsoft OneNote Part of the Office suite, OneNote is a note-taking application with options for organizing into sections and pages, and supports handwriting and drawing.
Notion Organize your class notes, plan your studies and collaborate on educational projects.
Google Keep A simple solution for taking notes, creating lists and pinning reminders.
Simplenotote As the name suggests, it's a clean note-taking app.
Bear Exclusively for Apple devices, Bear is loved for its sleek design and advanced formatting options.
Standard Notes A note-taking app focused on security and privacy, with end-to-end encryption and cross-platform synchronization.

6. Office and office suites

Office suites play a vital role in your learning. Whether it's writing notes, preparing a presentation for a class, or collaborating on a study project, the right digital tool can make the process much easier.

Office suite Description
Microsoft Office The most recognized digital tool with Word, Excel, PowerPoint for writing, accounting and presentations.
Google workspace Ideal for collaborative learning with real-time Docs, Sheets, and Slides on the cloud.
LibreOffice A free digital tool offering functions similar to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Apple iWork Optimized for Apple users with Pages, Numbers and Keynote.
Zoho Office Perfect for group study with apps like Writer, Sheet, and Show.
Prezi Transform your lessons with interactive and dynamic presentations.
Apache OpenOffice A comprehensive suite of digital tools for all your learning needs.

7. Automation and productivity

Automation presents itself as an essential lever to optimize our learning and gain efficiency.

Let’s see the best performing tools in this field:

Tool Description
IFTTT A service that allows you to automate actions between different online services. For example, automatically save email attachments in Google Drive.
Zapier A powerful tool to connect different applications and automate workflows without requiring coding skills.
RescueTime A tracking tool that measures time spent on different apps and websites, providing insight into productivity.
Make A digital tool similar to Zapier. It allows you to automate tasks without coding thanks to a visual interface. Ideal for connecting applications and simplifying learning.
Focus @ Will A platform that offers music designed to improve concentration and productivity at work.
Forest An app that encourages concentration by letting you plant a virtual tree that will grow if you avoid touching your phone for a set period of time.

8. Digital artificial intelligence tools

Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we learn. Indeed, this technology improves the educational experience and makes learning more interactive and engaging.

Here are the top key digital tools that leverage AI to empower learning.

Tool Description
knewton Adaptive learning platform that personalizes content in real-time to meet individual student needs.
Otter A tool that turns your words into text. Perfect for writing down what is said during classes or meetings. Additionally, you can search for specific words and share these notes with others.
Quillionz AI-powered tool that generates quiz questions from any learning text.
Smart Sparrow Platform that enables teachers to create adaptive and interactive learning experiences.
Thinkster Math A math tutoring app that uses AI to track student thinking and adapt content accordingly.
Grammarly Grammar checker that uses AI to improve writing quality by suggesting corrections in real time.
Chat GPT  An AI-based language model that can answer questions, help with writing, and assist in learning various topics.
DeepL Translator that leverages AI to provide more natural and accurate translations than many competitors.
Brainly Social learning platform where students can ask questions and get answers from their peers, assisted by AI for moderation and suggestions.
Kaggle Platform for learning and competing in data science. It also offers educational resources in AI and machine learning.

9. Digital libraries and e-book platforms

In our quest for learning and discovery, libraries have always been essential pillars. Today, thanks to the magic of digital, these pillars have evolved into vast e-book platforms available anytime, anywhere.

Platform / Library Description
Project Gutenberg One of the first digital libraries, offering a large number of free e-books, including many classics in French.
Google Books Book search service, it allows you to consult extracts or entire books, depending on the copyright, and includes works in French.
Gallica The digital library of the National Library of France, offering free access to thousands of documents, including many e-books in French.
The French digital library Bringing together treasures from eleven libraries, this platform offers heritage collections from countries such as Belgium, France, Canada, and many others. It serves as an invaluable resource for discovery and learning.
audio literature A resource for free audiobooks, mostly classic works in French read by volunteers.
Feedbooks An e-book platform with a section dedicated to public domain works, including many titles in French.
Open and free ebooks A collection of free e-books in French, focused on the classics and other works under a free license.
Atramenta Offering works from the public domain as well as writings from generous authors, a chance to discover real treasures.

10. Educational Games

Continuing our exploration! Educational games have taken a prominent place in the field of learning.

By making education fun, these tools facilitate memorization and engagement, offering an innovative approach to absorbing knowledge.

Here is a selection of the best games that combine fun and learning.

Game/App Description
Kahoot! Interactive platform to create educational quizzes. It is used in classrooms and in business to reinforce knowledge in a fun way.
brainscape Application based on flash cards for efficient and structured learning of various subjects.
DragonBox Series of educational games covering topics such as math and algebra, designed to stimulate curiosity and thinking.
CodeCombat Learning code game that teaches programming through fun challenges and interactive levels.
Maxetom Online educational game for children. It offers a series of fun and educational activities to reinforce basic skills while having fun. Ideal for interactive learning for young people.
iEducat!f Online educational platform designed to promote interactive learning. It offers a variety of activities and educational resources adapted to the needs of students.

11. File Sharing Platform

File sharing platforms have become essential for collaborative learning and sharing educational resources.

Whether sharing notes, projects, or reference documents, these digital tools promote fluid and secure exchange.

Platform Description
Google Drive Un storage space cloud that allows you to create, share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real time.
dropbox Online storage service that facilitates file sharing and collaboration, with automatic synchronization functions.
WeTransfer A simple tool for sending large files without registration. Especially useful for sharing videos, presentations or heavy projects.
OneDrive Microsoft's cloud storage solution, integrated with the Office suite, allowing easy document sharing and real-time collaboration.
Mega Content management platform that offers secure tools for storing, sharing and collaborating on files, with easy integration into many applications.

12. Content Development Tools

Content development tools are crucial for anyone who wants to create digital educational resources, presentations, or interactive learning modules.

Here is a selection of the best tools that will help you create quality content for your learning journey.

Tool Description
Canva Online graphic design platform to create visuals, presentations, infographics and more with ease.
Articulate Storyline E-learning software to create adaptive interactive courses that work on all devices.
Adobe Captivate An e-learning content creation tool.
Piktochart An online tool for creating visually appealing infographics, reports, posters and presentations.
Camtasia Video editing software which offers functions ofscreen recording, ideal for creating tutorials and demonstrations.
Snagit Screen capture tool with editing options for annotations and graphics.
Screen Pal Allows the creation of animated visual content quickly from your screen.
hehe Video enrichment platform to make videos interactive.
vyond Platform to create professional animation videos easily. Web platform to create interactive visual content such as infographics, presentations and games.
Screencastify Screen recording tool for Chrome.
Audacity Free software to record and edit audios.
Adobe Suite Collection of creation, editing, graphics and design tools.
iLovePDF Online tool for working with PDF files, such as merging, splitting, compressing, and converting.
Unsplash Library of free high resolution photos.
Handbrake Open source software to transcode videos.
Piktochart Creator of infographics, reports and online presentations.
Pixabay Platform offering images, videos and royalty free music.