The 5 best alternatives to WeTransfer

alternative wetransfer
alternative wetransfer

Last updated: December 29, 2022

Hosting your data necessarily means sending it to someone else's hard drive. From a company that will think more about its profits than the protection of our privacy. How can this company make sure it doesn't dig into our data? Encryption is the solution.

If you are looking for free and free french tools for share files bulky , here are 5 solutions alternatives to WeTransfer.


DropChaprilOrg is the file transfer solution of April, a French association for the promotion of free software. This service free allows you to share encrypted files end-to-end as well as a link that expires automatically.

The weight limit is 1 GB. An interesting option too, the possibility of deleting the file after the first one downloading.

Access the DropChaprilOrg service.

cloudless drop.

Lufi is a free file host de Alsace Neutral Network (RNA), a french association Nonprofit. It is made up of volunteers, founded in 2012 and based in Strasbourg (Alsace) whose objective is the promotion of the Internet and the development of all its uses.

The advantage of Lufi is that it encrypts files before sending them to the server. So the server administrator cannot see the contents of your files.

Finally, you don't need to register to send files.

Access cloudless drop.


Smash is a French large file sending service. To send a large file, all you need to do is drag and drop. Neither you nor your recipients need to have a Smash account.

In addition, the files sent are encrypted and stored in servers located in France.

You also have the possibility to choose their duration of availability. They are deleted at the end of this period.

Go to Smash.

SendGB: no saving, self-destruction of files

SendGB is one of the easiest ways to transfer files to others while protecting your privacy.

It allows you tosend up to 5 GB files without the need to register. You can also choose how long files are stored on the server.

The download box has a self-destruct option. If you add recipient email addresses, the file self-destructs after each recipient downloads it.

For files up to 250 GB, you can store for free for 90 days. Larger files will be automatically deleted after seven days.

Access SendGB

Swiss Transfer

As indicated by his name, Swiss Transfer is a Swiss service of the Infomaniak company. It is completely free and its weight limit is almost unlimited with 25 GO.

All files stored on its servers are secured using an encryption system.

Swiss Transfer offers the possibility of setting a time limit as well as a defined number of downloads.

Access SwissTransfer.