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FunInformatique is an online platform that offers tutorials and other resources to help you improve your computer skills. We are dedicated to providing you with an easy and enjoyable way to learn about computers and related technologies.


At FunInformatique, we regularly publish articles to help you make the best use of your computer and smartphone. Our goal is to teach you in the easiest way possible while being entertaining and informative.


We believe that learning computer science can be accessible and fun for everyone, which is why we have created a friendly and helpful community on our platform. We are here to answer all your questions and help you improve your computer skills.


If you want to learn more about IT in a fun and accessible way, FunInformatique is the right place for you. Join us now and start your IT learning journey!

What we do

goal funinformatique

At FunInformatique, we are a team of IT and new technologies enthusiasts. Our founder, Ahmed EL JAOUARI, launched this project in July 2011 and since then our platform has become a reference in the world of computing and new technologies, with a strong presence on Facebook.


Our expertise in all things tech has attracted thousands of monthly visitors and hundreds of fans on social media. We have users from all countries, ages and experience levels.


We are here to support you every day in your learning of computing and related technologies. We offer you quality educational content, as well as a friendly and helpful community to answer all your questions.


If you want to improve your computer skills in a professional and enjoyable way, FunInformatique is the ideal choice. Join us now and start your IT learning journey!

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Our Team


Ahmed is the founder of Originally an engineer in computer systems administration, his tutorials and training have helped many people to better master today's computer tools.


Mariam is an editorial and communication assistant. With a degree in communication, she joins the team FunInformatique in 2020. It structures communication needs and develops strategies. She also proofreads and corrects published articles.


Adam is a writer. Passionate about science fiction films and the High Tech world. He does not miss any news regarding the computer world. He also loves watching tech device test videos.