Who are we ?

Looking for fun and unforgettable computer science lessons?

At FunInformatique, we believe that computing should be both fun and easy. However, it often happens that novices perceive this universe as a complex and intimidating jungle. Everyone has their own way of learning, and what enlightens one can leave the other in the shadows.

It is precisely there that FunInformatique makes the difference. Our mission ? Make your IT learning not only enriching but also captivating. To achieve this, here is what we put at your disposal:

  • Clear explanations to understand computer science.
  • Illustrated step-by-step tutorials, each with relevant screenshots.
  • Practical resources to guide you throughout your learning.
  • Occasional explanatory videos for deeper understanding.

If you want to learn more about IT in a fun and accessible way, FunInformatique is the ideal place for you.

Join us now and start your IT learning journey!

What we do

At FunInformatique, we are a team of IT and new technologies enthusiasts.

Our founder, Ahmed EL JAOUARI, launched this project in July 2011 and since then our platform has become a reference in the world of computing and new technologies, with a strong presence on Facebook.

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Our expertise in all things technology has attracted thousands of visitors each month and hundreds of fans on social media.

We have users from all countries, ages and experience levels.

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Our team


Ahmed, at the head of FunInformatique, is a seasoned engineer in computer systems administration. Its tutorials and training are recognized for having guided a large number of individuals towards a more refined mastery of current technological tools.


Mariam, a communications graduate, works as an editorial and communications assistant at FunInformatique since 2020. At the heart of her role, she determines and structures communication needs, designs relevant strategies and ensures the quality of articles by ensuring their proofreading and correction.


Adam is a seasoned editor with a deep passion for science fiction and high-tech. Always on the lookout for the latest IT news, he is also a fervent fan of test videos on new technological devices.