How do I send large files online?

How to send large files online
How to send large files online

Last updated: July 3, 2022

With the development of the internet, we have seen teleworking develop. This is even more true since the Coronavirus epidemic has affected our country and this has perpetuated this teleworking.

Whether it has now become your daily life or you have to stop by from time to time, there is certainly a problem that you have encountered at one time or another, that of the files transfert.

Indeed, who says work often says that you will have to send large files for this one.

In this article, we will show you how you can send large files quickly and easily. So let's not waste a moment and get into the deep end.

Limiting emails quickly becomes annoying

Email Limitation Quickly Becomes Annoying

Most of the time, when we want to send files, especially for work, we will say to ourselves that we will go through emails. Indeed, it is the privileged way for this kind of exchange and shipments.

The problem is that when you go to send your email, you will realize one thing, it is that there is a limit in the size of the file that you will be able to send.

This limit is set at 25 MB and as much to tell you that you will quickly reach it if you ever send, for example, large files such as images which each weigh several MB.

Use courier services?

Using Email Services 1

As we have just seen, in emails, we are often stuck by the 25 MB limit which has been put in place by Google, so what you may be saying is why not go through instant messaging services such as Messenger?

Indeed, these are places made for exchanges, so perhaps your file can pass through there. So the answer is yes and no. No, because Messenger also implements a 25 MB limit for sending.

But yes, because if you ever have a set of files to send and each one is less than 25 MB separately, it is much easier to send them in succession via Messenger than to do so via email.

However, if you ever have only one large file or absolutely have to send everything at once, you have the same problem as with Gmail. Fortunately, there is a way to do this.

Compress your files

Indeed, if the size of your file is an issue, there is a way around it and that way is to simply use a file compressor. The best known are 7 Zip or even WinRAR.

Indeed, as their name suggests, the purpose of this software is to compress your files so that they take up a little less space. From then on, you can ensure that your files no longer exceed the famous 25 MB limit.

Set Password Archive 7zip 1

It is a solution that is practical and on top of that quite easy to set up. The icing on the cake if it comes to sensitive files, you will be able to set up a password by compressing them.

This way you ensure that only you and the person you gave the password to will be able to open the file. On the other hand, if ever your file is really very large, it will be difficult to make it pass under the shelter of 25MB in this way.

Use a free cloud storage service

Therefore, if you have files that are really too large, the solution is to go through sites that are specialized in the transfer of large files. There are quite a few, but the principle is often the same.

Indeed, you will simply have to drag the folder you want to send, even if it is several GB. From there, simply fill in your email address and the recipient's email address.

Once it's done, you can choose to type a classic email and then you just have to send this giant email. You will then receive a notification on your mailbox that it has been sent, then opened.

As we told you, there are several sites that offer you this kind of service, but in the rest of the article, we have selected for you five free online services for sending large files.


WeTransfer is a file transfer service cloud-based. Free up to 2 GB, it allows to pass heavy documents, with ease. The interface is pleasant and the functionalities simple but very well thought out.

It does not require registration or account creation. The company is remunerated through advertisements in the form of animated background appearing on the website.

Access Wetransfer


Smash is a French large file sending service. To send a large file, all you need to do is drag and drop. Neither you nor your recipients need to have a Smash account.

In addition, the files sent are encrypted and stored in servers located in France.

You also have the possibility to choose their duration of availability. They are deleted at the end of this period.

Go to Smash

Swiss Transfer

As indicated by his name, Swiss Transfer is a Swiss service of the Infomaniak company. It is completely free and its weight limit is almost unlimited with 25 GO.

All files stored on its servers are secured using an encryption system.

This service offers you the possibility of setting a time limit as well as a defined number of downloads.

Access SwissTransfer.

pCloud Transfer

pCloud offers you an easy and efficient way to send files up to 5 GB for free. But that's not the only advantage that pCloud Transfer has. Indeed, on the latter, you have the possibility of blocking access to the files you send by putting a password on them.

As we have seen previously, you can certainly do this step before, but the fact that it is offered to you when you send it saves time, you simply have to enter this famous password. .

Access pCloud Transfer


SendGB is one of the easiest ways to transfer files to others while protecting your privacy.

This service offers you the possibility of being able to choose between sharing large files by email or by creating a download link. It allows you tosend up to 5 GB files without the need to register. You can also choose how long files are stored on the server.

The download box has a self-destruct option. If you add recipient email addresses, the file self-destructs after each recipient downloads it.

Access SendGB

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