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direct download site
direct download site

Last updated: July 27, 2023

Less difficult to use than BiTorrent, less restrictive (subscribing to a tracker, respecting the ratio, etc.) and less dangerous, direct downloading is still one of the preferred solutions of Français. Let's see how it works, what are the best download sites direct and how to manage, optimize and automate its downloads.

The area of ​​direct download (DDL) changes more than that of torrent. The latter is largely decentralized, which prevents any action by rights holders: it is not easy to have a software or a protocol banned.

On the contrary, the centralized side of the DDL(files stored on servers) forces the founders to change their content or disappear as MegaUpload.

Unlike torrent sites or Internet users are tracked down by Hadopi, they are quiet with the direct download  whereas it is the platforms that are the target of rights holders.

But how does it work?

Le direct download is organized like this. First of all, find an entry point to find the links to the files. This entry point is usually a site, blog, or forum. Some will ask you to subscribe and some will not.

Their common point is to list and sort links that redirect to multimedia files (movies, series, manga ...).

Previously, 80% of direct download files were hosted on the popular host MegaUpload. But these are now stored elsewhere, distributed on the servers of many hosting providers: 1 file, Uploaded, turbo bit, open load and dozens of others.

But the war continues: HotFile, for example, suffered the wrath of the MPAA in 2014. And without forgetting the recent closure of the download and wawacity area by the French gendarmerie.

Direct download is free but limited

This multiplication of hosts also allows uploaders not to put their eggs in the same basket. We see that the contributors are present on several hosts.

However, there are a few constraints for free users. For example:

  • File size will be limited to 1 or 1.5 GB.
  • You will not be able to do more than one download at the same time.
  • You will also have to wait so many seconds before you can click on the download link.

Of course, nothing prevents you from uploading 10 files to 10 different hosting providers using the same one. direct download site !

Mediafixer free direct download sites is therefore the ideal solution for occasional download enthusiasts. The fans of the download will opt for the French torrent while protecting themselves with VPN.

Easily manage your downloads with Mipony

If you are not satisfied with downloading by hand, Mipony will make your job easier. It's a download manager made for automate downloads files from free hosting such as Uptobox, 1fichier, rapidgrator and many more.

It will scan a web page including all the links of a film then analyze them to access them directly.

How to use Mipony to download movies and series?

  • First of all, start with download install Mipony. Mipony's interface isn't rocket science. On a page including the download link for a movie, do Copy link then Paste in the first window of the Add links tab.
Add Mipony links
How to add links on Mipony
  • Then click on Detect Links. Normally in the bottom window, the different active links will be displayed with the icons corresponding to their respective hosts.
  • By doing a simple right click then Download, you will send the links to the Downloads tab where they will start their progress.
Mipony downloads
Mipony software download interface

If, from the Add links tab, Mipony does not detect anything, you will have to try the links one by one. Fortunately in my list, there are few sites that will not be compatible.

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