The 3 best large file hosts

big file host
big file host

Platforms for downloading and sharing large files, more or less legal, continue to flourish. But many of them are endless advertising pits and/or riddled with malware. Here are the three best large file hosts rated and tested by me.


Based in Ireland. RapidGator gained its popularity with its affiliate program. It pays its users who have a paid account based on the volume of downloads generated by the files they share. The amount can rise to 35 euros for 1 TB downloaded.

As a free user you can upload files up to 500MB and upload files up to 500MB! And With a premium account, you get unlimited storage and download speed

A service aimed at intensive users since the paid plans start at 12,7 euros/month up to 85 euros/year.

To send your files (maximum size of 80 GB) you can use the web interface or a ftp software. Registration (even free) remains mandatory to store any file on RapidGator servers.

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With servers located in France and the Netherlands, 1File enjoys a good reputation, both among those who host files there and those who come to download them. The service is reliable and fast in sending and receiving data.

It is possible to store and share 300 GB files everyone to the maximum without even registering. After registration, 1TB of storage is allocated free of charge.

The paid offers (from 1 euros/month for one year to 195 euros for ten years) remain reasonable and eliminate the presence of advertisements. Finally, once registered, it is possible to use FTP software to transfer your data (even with the free offer).

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Uptobox, managed by a Swiss company and headquartered in Dubai, remains discreet about the location of its servers. However, data transfers remain rather fast.

THEfree offer (after registration) allows to store files of 200 GB for 1TB storage capacity. But you won't cut out the ads. For this, and the possibility of using FTP software, you will need to subscribe to the Premium offer billed at 5 euros per month at 125 euros for 5 years.

Note, Uptobox has a integrated search engine to find files shared on its service.

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