Insufficient storage space on Android, what to do?

Insufficient storage space Android

If your Android smartphone or tablet displays the error message "Insufficient storage spaceIs that you have installed too many applications on your mobile device. Nothing more annoying when you have spent a considerable amount of money on a phone. Fortunately, there are solutions for optimize the storage space of your smartphone and solve the problem " Insufficient available storage »On Android

Today we will see how clean your android phone and how to save space by doing move your apps to your SD card.

Optimize Android Phone Storage Space

By dint of using your Android phone, it accumulates a whole bunch of temporary files (application cache, browsing history, downloaded files, images and videos received on whatsapp, etc.)

Usually, it is these which cause the saturation of your phone's storage space.
The easiest solution is then to do the big cleaning on your mobile. with CCleaner for Android. By clearing the cache and deleting app data, you can easily save several mega bytes.

Known worldwide for its Windows version allowing you to clean a computer, CCleaner points the tip of its nose to the Android system.

CCleaner optimizes and cleans your phone quickly. For this, the application proposes to scan the system and clean the application cache, download folder, browsing history, downloaded files as well as deactivate unnecessary third-party services.

CCleaner can also delete call log, SMS and images and videos received on Whatsapp individually or in batch.

To use it, start with download CCleaner for Android from the Playstore. Done Analyze and after a few minutes, Ccleaner will give you a list of items that can be deleted: cache, history, SMS, etc.

As far as I'm concerned, Ccleaner allowed me to recover over 264MB of storage space. The result is simply perfect.

Move your apps to your SD card

Didn't you save enough storage space when cleaning your mobile? You still don't have enough memory to store all the apps you want to put there. Don't panic, there is another solution.

If your Android phone has an SD card reader, it is possible to make space by transferring apps from internal memory to SD card. And thus free up some storage space on the internal memory of your mobile.

To do this, go to Settings of your smartphone, then click on the Application management.

The list of applications installed on your Android terminal will then be displayed on your screen.

Now choose the application you want to transfer to your SD card then click on the button " Move to SD card ».

The migration is then launched and the application directly copied to the SD card.

Note that some applications pre-installed on your mobile cannot be transferred to the memory card.

Voila, it's over! I hope that with these two tips you will never have the problem of running out of storage space again.