Identify and block spam calls on Android and iPhones

Dernière mise à jour: 16 mai 2024

Tired of incessant calls that disrupt your daily life? Spam, ads, scams... These unwanted calls are very annoying and can even be dangerous.

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution to block them: Orange Phone.

Orange Phone, it is a free application available on Android and iPhone which allows you to filter your incoming calls and effectively block malicious ones.

How does it work?

The Orange Telephone application is really practical for managing your incoming calls. It helps you recognize and block annoying calls, such as spam or cold calling, before you even need to pick up. So how exactly does it work? It's very simple and effective.

Every time someone calls you, the app quickly gets to work. It verifies the call using a large database that is constantly updated. This database contains numbers known to be sources of telephone spam or canvassing. If the call comes from one of these numbers, it is indicated directly on your screen. So you have the choice to respond or not, with complete peace of mind!

How to use the Orange Telephone app to block spam calls?

Download and installation

Start by downloading “Orange Telephone” from the Google Play Store (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and the Apple App Store.

Please note that the app is completely free and receives good ratings from users, with a rating of 4.4 on iOS and 4.2 on Android.

Initial setting

After installing the app, go ahead and open it! It will guide you step by step through a simple configuration process.

You'll just have to give a few permissions so the app can take a look at your call log and contacts.

This is important because it allows the app to work efficiently in the background to filter and block unwanted calls.

Then the application will download the database of numbers used for spam. It will just take a few minutes.

Call screening

Once you have configured and activated the “Orange Telephone” application, it goes to work on every incoming call.

How ? It compares the caller's number to a large database containing numbers identified as sources of spam or cold calling. If a call comes from one of these numbers, it is automatically blocked or clearly indicated on your phone.

You can therefore decide with complete peace of mind whether you wish to respond or not.

Community contribution

In addition to benefiting from spam protection, you can help improve the application.

By reporting a number as spam, you enrich the database and thus strengthen protection for all users.

Search for strangers

In addition to blocking unwanted calls, Orange Telephone also offers a search for unknown numbers.

Indeed, you can enter a telephone number and the application will tell you whether this number is known or not, and if so, who it belongs to. This can be useful for identifying calls from numbers you don't know.

Identify premium rate numbers

Finally, the application also offers functionality for identify premium rate numbers, letting you know before you make the call, which can help you avoid surprises on your phone bill.

A little extra to protect yourself even better

To strengthen your fight against unwanted calls, you can also register for the service Government bloctel.

This service does not stop all direct sellers, but it allows you to clearly tell “official” direct sellers that you do not wish to be disturbed. It's a good complement to "Orange Telephone" for those who really want peace.