Find the owner of a cell phone number for free

Dernière mise à jour: 16 mai 2024

It's always annoying not knowing in advance who you're dealing with when you pick up the phone. Receive calls to unknown numbers never inspires confidence! Besides, nobody likes to talk to people they don't know, do they?

Are you or one of your children receiving unwanted calls from a strange number? Not sure how to find out who has the phone number in question? Do not worry, there is a way to find out who this number belongs to.

Fortunately, new technologies are there. It is easy to obtain important data on the telephone line owner using only a phone number.

You will be surprised at the amount of information that can be collected on a someone using only his phone number.

1) Thanks to social networks you can retrieve information from a phone number

Many more people than you might think fill out their profiles with all the requested data, this is especially the case if you have an account Facebook or LinkedIn.

Thanks to this, these social networks are veritable goldmines of information, which will be an asset to gather clues about the identity of the owner of a mobile number.

1.1) Via the Facebook search bar

It is therefore possible to type the number in question in the search bar of each social network to identify a mobile number for free.

There is an even smarter trick that requires:

  • Log out of your Facebook account.
  • Go to the page Facebook account recovery.
  • Type the mobile number for which you want to find the owner.
  • If you're lucky the person you're looking for has a Facebook page and keeps it up to date, with a phone number filled in, then Facebook will let you see the photo and the nickname associated with the number.

1.2) Via WhatsApp

If you often wonder where a number that has called too often comes from, remember to check if it is registered on WhatsApp. This can tell you additional information about the identity of the caller.

Simply add this number to your contact directory to see if there is an associated WhatsApp profile, it will appear automatically.

It's a quick and free way to get information about an unidentified incoming call.

2) Use the "SignalHire" extension for Firefox

SignalHire is nothing but an incredible tool allowing to investigate contacts, in a single click.

The extension is compatible only with the Firefox platform and works in conjunction with professional platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  •  Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub

This software allows you to massively extract contacts and export them in CSV format. Instantly, you can collect essential information, such as:

  • The email address,
  • mobile number,
  • and profiles of different social media platforms.

This information, collected in this large database, is very interesting and regularly reviewed.
SignalHire is not the only such tool. Do not hesitate to consult similar databases such as these 3 other websites similar to SignalHire:

3) Via your telephone operator

Simply ask the operator to provide you with the information you are looking for. To find out who is behind the number that keeps contacting you, you can purchase this additional service from your telephone line provider. This method can be very useful, especially in case of problems with unknown calls coming from a blocked number.

Most phone line providers offer a phone tracing option if you are the victim of harassment or other worrying situations. This service is very interesting for parents wishing protect their children from bullying.

  • Contact your carrier and ask them to perform what is called a call-trap ».
  • Note carefully on what dates and at what times these calls are made, in order to provide this data to your telecommunications company.
  • Thus, your telephone operator can identify the number. He will forward it directly to the police.
  • Listen to the voice message on the answering machine of the number in question via the operator.

By falling on the answering machine of the number in question, you will have three possibilities:

  • You can recognize the person's voice.
  • The owner of the line can give his name by voice mail.
  • You can leave him a message hoping for a response.

4) Via the so-called “reverse” search for telephone numbers

Please note that such databases can only provide public information. There is therefore information about individuals and companies giving their contact details accessible to the general public.

In this way, you can collect a lot of information, sometimes vital thanks to the mobile number sought, such as the location of its owner.
Thus, you will collect the following data:

  • The line owner's address.
  • His first and last names.

You should know that there are many other services reverse lookup. We advise you to try

5) Through the Truecaller app

With the Truecaller app, it is now possible tosearch by phone number.

By typing the phone number in the search bar, you get directly:

  • The name of the owner of the mobile number.
  • A postal address and/or other associated contact information.

Note that there is a premium version that will help you collect more details about the individual you are looking for.
We must warn you that Truecaller is not really ethical, since you have to give up your personal information and the privacy of your contacts to access it.

6) The continuation in video

Now that you have all the information for find the owner of a phone number ; you just have to follow the tips listed above.

Good luck !