Identify foods dangerous to your health simply with your phone

Dernière mise à jour: 17 mai 2024

Have you ever wondered what's really hidden in your favorite candy bar or that ketchup you use to spice up your dishes? Even if you take a look at the label, it's not easy to tell whether a given ingredient is good for your health or not.

First of all, you should know that a lot of the things we eat are pretty messed up. They can be full of sugar that you don't see coming and a whole bunch of additives (those famous “E-things”) that could be bad for your health. Then, when you're running around all day, it's not easy to check every little thing you swallow.

But, good news! Thanks to the little miracles of technology, we no longer have to bother with all that. This tutorial will show you how your phone can save the day. With just your camera, you will be able to spot bad foods.

How to identify unhealthy foods with your phone?

So, how can you avoid poor food choices? Fortunately, there is a practical and innovative solution: Yuka.

If you haven't heard of this app yet, you're about to discover a tool that could just improve your health

How does it work?

Yuka is the tool I've always dreamed of for identifying good food products. Using it is child's play: take your smartphone, launch the Yuka app, and simply scan the barcode of any food product.

In a few seconds, Yuka gives you all the information about this product: is it good for your health? Does it contain harmful additives? Is this a wise choice for your diet?

The application provides you with a detailed analysis and a score out of 100, based on the health impacts, the presence of additives and the nutritional dimension of the product.

Additionally, you can read the details of each ingredient and the diseases it can cause, with scientific details.

For example, taking a look at the image up there, you will notice that when I scanned a jam from my fridge, it is full of additives that are not really good for our health, and which could even cause cancer. cool at all. So, you know what? It's time to say goodbye to her and kick her out of the fridge.

Ok, after scanning the jam, we were able to conclude that it is too harmful to health. What to do now ? Do not panic ! The app is there to offer you healthier and equally delicious alternatives.

When a product is not unanimously popular on Yuka, all you have to do is swipe a little and bam, a list of healthy alternatives appears.

And there you have it, we took a quick look at how to identify foods that are dangerous to your health just with your phone camera.

Eating healthily is important, and with the right tools, it's much easier and more fun. Now it's your turn to clean out your fridge.