Detect vulnerabilities in your Android phone with Android VTS

xss flaw
xss flaw

If you have bought an Android phone for a long time and you are not updating then be aware that your phone might have security holes.

VTS for Android is an open source and free application that allows to test your phone on 22 known vulnerabilities and warn you at what level the vulnerabilities are, unfortunately there is no help provided directly from it.

Android VTS scans your Android phone for the following vulnerabilities:

  • CVE-2011 1149/PSNueter/Ashmem Exploit
  • CVE-2013-6282 / put / get_user
  • CVE-2014-3153/Futex bug/Towelroot
  • CVE-2014-3847/WeakSauce
  • CVE-2014-4943/L2TP
  • CVE-2015-1528/GraphicsBufferOverflow
  • CVE-2015-3636/PingPong root
  • Jar Bug 13678484 / Android FakeID
  • Samsung WifiCredService remote code execution
  • Stagefright bugs
  • StumpRoot
  • x509 Serialization bug
  • ZipBug 8219321 / Master keys
  • ZipBug 9695860
  • ZipBug 9950697


For this, download VTS for Android from the Play Store and launch the application which will display some basic information of your smartphone's system.

Then press the search button at the bottom right of your screen, to start the search for vulnerabilities on your device.

If you would find red then your phone is vulnerable because a nasty hacker will be able to hack your smartphone.

Finally, to correct these flaws, remember to update your system and your applications. If no update is available then you will have to change your phone altogether.