How to access your phone Android with a broken screen?

Dernière mise à jour: 16 mai 2024

Our phone is simple, today we take it everywhere with us. But dragging it around all day long inevitably increases the risk of dropping it and breaking it.

Indeed, despite protections which have become more democratic in recent years, it is not uncommon to see a phone with a broken screen. But then, what if this happens to you? Above all, are all your data is lost

In this article, we will show you the various methods that exist so that you can ensure that save as much data as possible of your phone, or even to be able to remote control !

Use the Micro-SD card for backups of your phone Android with a broken screen

First, we will look at a scenario where you cannot navigate on the phone. In this case, one of the first reflexes that you will be able to have is to access the memory of the latter.

In fact, if you have a phone that runs under Android, it is often possible to add a micro-SD card where you can store a whole bunch of information, like your photos, videos, and even your contacts.

In the event that your laptop does not survive the crash, what you can do is to recover the micro-SD card. Then you can connect it to a PC with an adapter that is easily found on the market.

From there, you will be able to make a backup on your computer. The micro-SD card will be easily transferable to a new mobile if you ever decide to take the plunge and buy one.

Connect your phone Android with a broken screen to your computer via USB

Si the micro-SD card is a way to recover your data, as we told you, not all phones are equipped with it. Indeed, iPhones and even some Android have skipped this memory card. 

So, what can you do in this type of case to recover your information if you no longer have access to your phone Android with a broken screen ? Well, if the phone's memory is not damaged, it is still possible to connect it via USB to a computer.

In the same way as with the previous method, you will be able to recover data from your phone Android with a broken screen. Moreover, once this information is saved, you can transfer it again to the new phone.

Control your phone Android with a broken screen via a mouse with an OTG adapter

In the first two cases, we are faced with a telephone Android with a broken screen that doesn't seem to work at all. But sometimes, even after the shock, it still works, only the touchscreen no longer works!

In this case, we are going to offer you two solutions to help you access your phone and make the backups and transfers you want to do. This allows you, for example, to transfer your data to the Micro-SD card.

The first solution in this case if you have a telephone Android with a broken screen, is to go through what is called an OTG adapter. Concretely, it is a cable with a USB Type A plug at one end and a charging port.

Phone Android connected with an OTG adapter to a mouse

Except that this USB Type A socket is a female socket and it will allow you to connect a lot of things to your phone Android with a broken screen. For example here, you will be able to use a mouse! 

From then on, even if the touch screen on your screen no longer works, you will simply be able to navigate the menus as if nothing had happened. This is a very practical solution and will allow you to continue using your phone, even with a broken screen!

Cast your phone to PC with Airdroid Cast

The previous method is certainly practical and today everyone has a mouse his home. The problem is that all phones Android are not compatible with these OTG adapters.

If this is the case with your phone, you will have to go through another method to recover your data. The idea here is quite simple, you are going to broadcast your phone screen Android with a broken screen on your PC !

For this, there are several applications like Airdroid Cast which is probably the most popular.

The idea here is quite simple, give you access to your phone and for that you will have several ways that you can use depending on what works and no longer works on your phone.

  • A QR code that you can flash via Webcam.
  • Copy the series of numbers from the QR code to the PC.
  • Use a USB cable.

Change your phone screen

Finally, be aware that there are scenarios where you can access the data on your phone Android with a broken screen will simply be impossible and in this case there are not fifty solutions.

Indeed, you will have to go through the repair box so that the latter, he changes the front glass of your phone. It is certainly expensive, but less than buying a new laptop directly.

The only annoying scenario is when in addition to the screen, the phone also suffers other damage. In this case, try to save what can be saved using the methods proposed below.


Now you know a lot more about what to do if you have a phone Android with a broken screen. With this article, you should have all the keys in hand to recover your data.

Indeed, whatever the case, we have discussed a solution so that you can still recover as much data as possible. From then on, all you have to do is apply them to reduce the disaster a little and save data which is sometimes important or has value for you.