How to access the darknet with your phone Android ?

How to access the darknet with your phone Android
How to access the darknet with your phone Android

Dernière mise à jour: 24 mai 2024

You want to access the darknet from a smartphone Android but you don't know how to proceed? No worries ! In this article, I present to you a method that will allow you to access the darknet on Android, hide your location and identity, and encrypt all your connections.

This solution consists ofuse of TOR with the app Orbot et orweb (its dedicated browser).

Tor, it's a network of routers super well organized, like layers of onion. Basically, when you send information over this network, it passes from router to router without leaving much trace of where it came from.

Then there's Orbot. It's an app that uses Tor to secure everything you do online. It allows you to keep your activities private and gives youaccess to the famous darknet.

When you put Orbot on your phone, you can surf the net with an IP address that isn't really yours. It protects you from pirates and curious people. And if your phone Android is rooted, Orbot can even protect all the data you send and receive, thanks to Tor.

How to use Orbot to access the darknet?

Orbot installation and configuration

To start, download Orbot from the Play Store.

Launch Orbot. When you first start, you will have a huge button in the middle of the screen.

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To connect to the Tor network, simply hold the button for about a second. Once his arms are fully raised, you are connected to the Tor network.

Orbot connection to the Tor network
Please note: This doesn't mean that everything you do goes through Tor! This means: you can now make an application (a browser for example) use Tor.

Use Tor using a dedicated browser

To have a web browser dedicated to Tor, press the button “ Check Browser » at the bottom left of Orbot. If Orweb is not installed, Orbot will offer to do so.

Click the “Install Orweb” button to be redirected to a list of recommended applications to work with Orbot. And click again on Orweb (the first in this list).


Once Orweb is installed, launch it. You will arrive on this page if everything went well:


You can now browse the darknet anonymously with your smartphone Android.

Once navigation is finished, it is advisable to deactivate Orbot so as not to drain the battery life of the smartphone too quickly. To do this, you must return to Orbot and hold the button.