Phone number generator: Get a temporary phone number for your validations

Hesitant to share your phone number on a new site? Fear of unwanted calls or untimely spam ? The solution may well be simpler and more secure than you think.

imagine being able generate phone number without risk, without compromising your personal line. This is exactly what the wrong number !

In this article, we talk to you about having a temporary telephone number: why, how and with what. And that's not all: we offer you a list of the best free sites for get a number disposable phone.

What is a Phone Number Generator?

Un phone number generator gives you a temporary number. With this number, you can register on sites, receive SMS, and even call. The idea? Do not share your real number and keep it to yourself.

Why use this tool?

  • Protect your privacy : Do you register on a site? No need to give your real number.
  • Receive SMS : Expecting an important message? Have him arrive on the temporary number.
  • Call discreetly : Desire to'call without showing your real number ? It's possible.
  • Test sites : Curious about a new service? Test it risk-free with a temporary number.

There are many number generators on the web, some free and some paid. However, in the rest of this article, we will look at the best free services for generate phone numbers.

1. Receive SMS Online

Receive SMS online is an excellent site for receive SMS online without registration. Indeed, it offers a list of temporary phone numbers that you can use to bypass SMS verification. You can choose from countries like Canada, UK and USA.

You have a good variety of numbers here, but most are fixed lines. Again, the messages you receive here are online and can therefore be read by everyone.


  • Free
  • Without registration
  • Wide choice of countries
  • Can be used to receive text messages from anywhere in the world


  • The messages you receive are online and can therefore be read by everyone
  • Reception quality may not be as good as an actual phone number

Visit Receive SMS Online

2. Hushed

hushed is a virtual phone number service that allows you toget a temporary phone number in more than 300 area codes, covering the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Puerto Rico. It is the ideal tool if you are looking for several temporary numbers, whatever the reason for your need.

Hushed operates via VOIP, which means you can make and receive calls and send and receive text messages on your computer or mobile device, even if you don't have a data plan. You can also redirect calls to your primary phone number.

This service offers a three day free trial for certain numbers. After the trial, the service is billed at $4,99 per month for one to three numbers, including unlimited calls and texts.

Benefits :

  • Virtual phone numbers in over 300 area codes.
  • Unlimited calls and texts.
  • VOIP, so you can use Hushed on your computer or mobile device.
  • Redirect calls to your primary phone number.
  • Three-day free trial.


  • The service is paid, starting at $4,99 per month.
  • There are limitations on how long you can keep a number.
  • The service is not available in all countries.

Download Hushed

3. offers its users a range of phone numbers free virtual phones for verification, from various countries. You can opt for a number based on a specific region, depending on your needs. Even if the numbers displayed on the site are accessible to the public, the tool guarantees discretion.

The main asset of the site is its ability to send SMS for free. It provides an easy solution for sharing credentials without the usual hassle.


  • Free
  • Wide choice of countries
  • User-friendly
  • Discreet


  • Phone numbers are shared with the public, which means anyone can see the number you're using.
  • The service is free, but there are limitations on the number of SMS you can send and receive.
  • Service may be slow or unavailable at times.

Visit FreeOnlinePhone

4. Sellaite

That kind of thing stands out as one of the most versatile sites, offering the ability to send and receive messages online. However, it mainly focuses on phone numbers and text messages fromEstonia, the country of origin of the service.

Its reputation rests on its reliability; Sellaite is responsive by quickly removing numbers that stop working from the site. However, a notable downside is that the service may encounter obstacles if the SMS gateway fails to communicate with the Estonian base.


  • Allows you to both send and receive messages online.
  • Recognized for their responsiveness, quickly removing inoperative numbers from their site.


  • Mainly focuses on Estonian numbers.
  • Service may be compromised if the SMS gateway fails to communicate with the Estonian base.
  • Some messages may not be received on the Estonian numbers offered.

Visit Sellaite

5. Receive free SMS

Receive free SMS is another remarkable platform to get phone numbers and receive SMS online free of cost. It is specially designed for those who looking for a fake phone number for validation.

Despite some reported issues with some virtual numbers, the whole platform ensures a comfortable and convenient user experience.


  • You have the option to choose numbers from different countries according to your needs.
  • Ideal for receiving verification codes for validation.


  • Many numbers may not work at times.
  • Only a third of the numbers offered can be operational at a given time.

Visit Receive free SMS


Burner is a very popular application for a provisional number. Available in Canada and the United States, it gives you an additional number for your mobile.

Unlike others, Burner uses real numbers, not VoIP. Thus, it is ideal for audits. In addition, it offers voice, SMS and voicemail services.

Burner offers a seven-day trial, allowing you to explore all of its features. Then you have the option to upgrade to a premium subscription. This gives you a permanent number with unlimited use, rather than a simple disposable number.



  • Widely recognized as a leading app to get a temporary number.
  • Burner uses real phone numbers, which increases its reliability.
  • It offers a full range of services, including voice calls, SMS and voicemail.
  • With a seven-day trial period, users can test out all of its features before committing.


  • The app is currently limited to Canada and United States numbers.
  • After the free trial period, users need to pay to continue enjoying the services of the app.

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