How to call in the United States?

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call usa 1

Dernière mise à jour: 6 mai 2022

If you've landed here, you're wondering how to make a call to the United States. Well, in this article, you will be given all the information you need to know about it.

At the end of the article, you will even be given solutions that will allow you to do this completely free and easy. So, let's not waste a moment and see how to go about making those calls easily.

1) Which code to call in the United States?

The country code for the United States is +1.. This is the international code to dial from any foreign mobile to call the USA. For France, for example, the code is +33.

Understand then that when you are given a US phone number, you will have to type +1 before the latter in order to be sure of being able to fall on your interlocutor at the other end of the line.

For example, if your correspondent's number is 362 *** ****, you must type 00 1 362 *** **** or +1 362 *** **** to reach him.

2) You can call any number, but additional charges may apply

The first thing to note is that in itself, nothing prevents you from making this call, whether to the United States or to any other destination in the world, to tell the truth. Indeed, there are generally no prohibited countries.

However, it must be understood that this kind of call is not made lightly and that on the contrary, it is better to be well prepared to have every chance on your side of not falling on a bad surprise.

The first thing to do is simply the time difference compared to the United States and as the thing could not be decidedly simple, the USA have several time slots themselves, depending on whether you are calling on the west side or the east side.

We can therefore only advise you to take a look at the time it is there or you want to call to make sure that you will not be in trouble. More generally, what we advise you is not to call before the beginning of the evening, or even at night to be almost sure not to disturb.

The second thing you need to check, these are the additional costs charged by your operator for calls to the USA, as these may be quite expensive and therefore making long and numerous calls to this destination will cost you a fortune.

3) Where can I find a US phone number?

Want to send flowers to your beloved located in Los Angeles? No problem, go to the Yellow Pages site, called Yellow Pages. Type "Florist" + the city of your choice, and you will see the list of florists in the selected locality.

To find the telephone number of an individual, you can use the site White pages, which also offers a inversed annual.

4) Take out an American mobile subscription

We have just said it very often, if we seek to contact us numbers, we will come up against a main problem, these are the additional costs that the telephone operators charge you for this kind of call.

So, in a specific case, the one where you stay at least several weeks a year in the USA and you need to contact someone there, what we can advise you is to take out a subscription. the low.

Attention, once back in France, if you want make calls to the USA, you may again find yourself in a similar situation as with the French operators and the bill could quickly be salted.

However, if you plan to stay on the US side for a while, it's a simple, fast and above all much cheaper way to stay in touch with US numbers via your mobile phone.

5) How to call USA for free?

5.1) Using WhatsApp

As we have seen, quite often the problem with laptops and phone numbers, is that it is impossible not to have a salty bill. But today, it is quite possible to use the internet to make things easier for you.

Indeed, you don't need much more than the phone number you already have. The only thing is rather than making a call via the mobile, use apps like whatsapp.

These applications, they do not go through traditional mobile networks, but rather through the Internet and this has an advantage, you will not have to worry about additional charges, regardless of the country you are calling.

It's simple, all you have to do is think about creating a WhatsApp account each and you and your interlocutor will be able to chat as much as you want, whether by text message or even by call.

5.2) Use chat apps like Messenger

WhatsApp is good, but the problem is that we do not always have the contact's phone number and unfortunately, this phone number is needed to launch the famous call.

But if this is your case, don't panic, we have found another solution, that of using a social network where almost everyone now has a Messenger account and therefore more broadly Facebook.

Indeed, via Messenger, you will be able to make calls, whether audio or video, with your contact list.

No phone number needed, all you have to do is have them in your friends list.

That's it, you now know everything you need to know if you ever want to get in touch with a person in the USA or even anywhere in the world. So all you have to do is grab your mobile phone and apply the method that suits you best.