Disposable phone: What is it and how does it work?

Today, mobile phones have invaded our daily lives and we can say that they are clearly no longer just for making calls. It's simple, they are now real small computers.

You can use them for absolutely anything you want and they have never been more valuable. However, in life, there are times when you just need to make a phone call.

So we don't want to bother with packages that require us to pay each month and we look for solutions. One of these is the disposable phones which still exist, even if they are less talked about lately.

In this article, we tell you everything there is to know about it!

Is the disposable phone really disposable?

Well, let's start by pushing an open door, but of course, the term disposable phone is more a picture than a real thing. Indeed, contrary to what we have had in the past with cameras, this is not a question of a truly disposable device.

It remains usable, even after the sim card initial inside is reloaded. What earned him the name of disposable phone, it is quite simply the use that has been made of it, especially in crime.

Because yes, one of the big strengths of these phones is that it is possible to buy them very quickly, and often for cash, without having to provide any personal information about yourself. Inevitably, this also attracted a certain clientele.

This clientele, they then used these telephones, then once their case was over, they just had to throw it away and switch to a new one so that we could not easily trace them.

But behind this designation of disposable phone is in fact hiding in general a cheap phone with a SIM card already loaded with a certain amount of phone credit inside. Once this amount has been consumed, the card does not work and therefore the telephone also by extension. However, it is important to note that this card, you can of course change it by buying a recharge. There, the phone will start working again until this card is emptied again.

Pay attention to the validity period of the SIM card

Be careful though, because these disposable cell phones have specificity or at least the cards we just talked about. Indeed, they do not have an unlimited lifespan and eventually wear out on their own.

To be completely transparent, when you buy a card, check its validity period. We cannot give you a precise period, because it depends on the amount of the top-up and the operator.

However, be aware that it is between a few weeks and 6 months most of the time and that from the moment you activate the card the countdown begins. If you haven't used up all the credit inside that card by the time it expires, it's lost!

Disposable phone number: how does it work?

When you buy your disposable phone, you can use it directly. By turning on your phone, you benefit from a disposable phone number which you can use at your leisure to call your loved ones and send them text messages.

They can for example be very practical if you ever need a ski pass in a foreign country without wanting to bother with duration commitments generally offered by mobile plan providers.

It is also very practical for people who have very little use of their mobile phone. They do not have to pay full price with a mobile plan whose bill comes up every month.

Is it possible to change operator on a disposable phone?

Be careful though when you buy one of these disposable cell phones, because they are what we call SIM lock. Understand by this that they have been blocked so as to can only receive SIM cards from a certain operator.

This means that even if you find more advantageous refill offers from the competition, you will not be able to use them. You are stuck with the operator from whom you took this phone.

In addition to the prices that will be offered to you for the purchase of this disposable phone itself. It is sometimes important to see if ever there is not a big difference in price between refills according to the operators.

Where to find a disposable phone and at what price?

That's it, you're convinced and you want to start buying a disposable phone. Let's see together where to go and especially the price you will have to pay to get your hands on it.

As for where you will render, the simplest thing is togo to telephone stores, whether linked to operators or not. Disposable phones are rather rare. But generally, there are still one or two models.

You can also find them on Amazon or even go to a tobacconist where you will precisely be able to find the refills we were talking about before. However, these disposable phones had fallen into oblivion, not sure that everyone still has them.


Finally, in terms of the price of this device, there you will see that there are quite a few differences. Generally, this difference comes from the SIM card that you will be able to find inside.

The greater the refill, the higher the price will necessarily be. Finally, the phone itself can have a slight influence. But these being entry-level, it is played at a difference of ten euros.

In summary, if you are looking for a disposable laptop, you have to count between 20€ for a basic phone with a recharge of half an hour in general. If you want a better quality laptop with a better plan, that can quickly add up to 60 / 70 €.


So now you have everything there is to know about disposable cell phones. These are now somewhat forgotten with the advent of smartphones. But they are still useful.

Therefore, if you tick the boxes for its use, you now know where to look and what price to spend in general to be able to take advantage of this telephony offer which is a bit special.