How not to lose anything when changing the SIM card?

How not to lose anything when you change the SIM card
How not to lose anything when you change the SIM card

Dernière mise à jour: 17 mai 2024

That's it, you have just changed your phone and sometimes, this also involves changing your SIM card because this allows you to have more interesting offers from providers.

So this is overall good news for you, but you know that this change also means, one thing, you will have to transfer all your data to a new phone and that can be quite long and annoying.

In addition, you are probably afraid of forgetting some data along the way, some of which is a little sensitive or at least that you care about. But don't panic, there are solutions to this problem.

Indeed, in this article we will see with you on all the techniques that you absolutely must know in order to be able to ensure that do not forget anything at all when you change your SIM card or by telephone.

1) How not to change numbers?

The first thing we're going to see together is quite simply how to save your phone number. Indeed, it is surely one of the most complicated steps, having to notify everyone of a change.

We forget, we lose contacts in this way and above all, by the time all this is done, we can be very difficult to reach. In short, ifit is possible to keep his telephone number, you might as well do it and the good news is that it is indeed possible.

Be careful though, there are some limits that we will give you in this article. The first is that generally, it is impossible to keep your telephone number if you change SIM card, but that you stay with the same operator.

This is therefore important data to take into account if you are satisfied with the operator you are with or if you are in an area where certain operators do not work correctly.

If you change operator, then no worries, the only thing to do is to make it clear that you want to keep the same telephone number. It is then the new operator who will take the steps for you, there is nothing complicated.

2) Store and transfer your contacts on the phone

2.1) With a iPhone (IOS)

Now that we have seen how to keep your phone number, let's tackle the second big part of this guide by seeing how to go about keeping your contacts, even when changing phones.

For the first option, you need a scenario that is a little specific. In fact, you will necessarily have to have a iPhone and you decide to change your SIM card without losing your contacts.

This is a fairly precise scenario, but the following manipulation is very simple.

  • First, insert your old SIM card, the one that contains your contacts, into your iPhone.
  • Then press Settings > Contacts > Import SIM Contacts.
  • Select where you want to save your numbers.
  • Now wait for the import to complete.
  • Finally, open the Contacts app and make sure your contacts have been successfully imported.

2.2) With a phone Android

If you have a mobile Android, to backup your contacts on your phone, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the app Contacts.
  • Click on Contacts management.
  • Then select Export or Import/Export depending on your phone model.
  • Click on Import contacts from SIM card.
  • Then choose the option Select all to copy all your contacts.
  • After this step, select the location where you want to save your numbers.
  • Finally, validate by pressing the button OK.

The SIM card contacts will then be copied to your mobile.

Once you have your new SIM card, simply insert it into your phone Android and transfer your numbers from the phone to the new SIM using the same procedure  Contacts > Contact Management > Import/Export Contacts > Import. Your phone book will then be moved to your new SIM card.

3) Back up your contacts via a cloud service

To change SIM card without losing your contacts, You can use a cloud service which will allow you to make a backup of your online contacts. This solution allows access to your directory on all your devices connected to the cloud.

3.1) With a phone Android

As a user Android, you have a Google account and therefore an address Gmail. The latter offers a functionality allowing you to synchronize the contacts on your SIM card.

To use it, you just have to check that it is activated on your phone.

  • Meet in the Settings from your phone.
  • Depending on your phone model, press Accounts and synchronization ou Cloud and Accounts or simply Accounts.
  • In the section Google and select your address Gmail main.
  • Click on the three small dots at the top right of the screen and press Sync now.

Once your directory is synchronized with your Google account, all you have to do is change your phone's SIM card and find all your contacts thanks to Google's cloud service.

3.2) With a iPhone

To back up contacts on iCloud, Apple's storage service, simply activate synchronization in the Settings of theiPhone.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > then press your name up.
  • Then touch iCloud.
  • Activate the cursor on Contacts.
  • Now select ICloud backup.
  • Finally, press Save now.

With this method, you can restore your contacts as well as all your backed up data from your iPhone.

No matter what phone you have, you can access all its content in just a few minutes. The only thing necessary is to have an internet connection to be able to consult it and add new data.