How to recover data from your SIM card?

android sim card
android sim card

You have mistakenly deleted all messages received or sent, your contacts or the call history on your SIM card ? Don't panic, all is not screwed up!

With SIM Card Data Recovery, you will be able recover in a few clicks the data contained in the SIM card from your mobile phone. Indeed, the software is able to restore received and sent messages, call history, contacts, accidentally deleted information, and many more.

Other functions of SIM Card Data Recovery is that it allows you to know everything about your SIM card since it provides you with all the related information. So you can know the location area of ​​your provider, your card identification number, the name of the service provider, etc.

recover data from your SIM card
It is an easy to use program with a nice and intuitive interface, there is nothing difficult in the implementation of this tool. All you have to do is link your SIM card with your machine through a USB SIM card reader, then launch the app and click scan.

Once the analysis has been carried out, one click is enough for the restoration, so you can extract the numbers from your directory, the SMS sent and received as well as your drafts.