How to recover data from your SIM card?

SIM card android
SIM card android

Dernière mise à jour: 17 mai 2024

Have you accidentally deleted all messages received or sent, your contacts or even the call history on your SIM card? Don't panic, all is not lost!

With SIM card data recovery tools, you can recover the data contained in the SIM card. Indeed, these software are capable of restoring received and sent messages, call history, contacts, accidentally deleted information, and much more.

SIM Card Data Recovery Tools

Here are 3 data recovery tools for SIM cards:

  • Data Doctor Recovery : Software capable of reading GSM/3G SIM cards from any mobile network and recovering deleted contacts and messages.
  • Dekart SIM Explorer : An advanced software to read and recover data from SIM card.
  • CardRecovery : Mainly used to recover photos, but it also supports SIM card data.

recover data from your SIM card

In addition to recovering your data, these tools can provide you with all the information related to your SIM card. So you can know the location area of ​​your provider, your card ID number, service provider name, etc.

These programs are easy to use, with a pleasant and intuitive interface. Nothing complicated to implement these tools. All you need to do is connect your SIM card to your computer via a USB SIM card reader.

There are SIM card readers that you can buy on Amazon for less than 15 euros. They are available everywhere.

Then you just need to launch the app and click Scan.

Once the scan is complete, a single click is enough to restore your data. You can thus extract the numbers from your directory, the SMS sent and received, as well as your drafts.

However, be aware that in modern smartphones, the SIM card is mainly used for identify your phone from your operator. Most data is stored on the phone or in the cloud. This means that the SIM card contains little information. However, SIM data recovery tools remain valuable for the data that may be found there.