The 7 best free online storage services

cloud store free donn%C3%A9es

To back up, transfer and share your files, there are many solutions on the market. Dozens of services offer gigabytes of space free online storage.

The principle is simple: you upload your files to the server of a Cloud, while generally keeping a synchronized copy on your PC. You can then access your data from anywhere, with any device (PC, smartphone, tablet), as long as you have an internet connection.

Please note, however, that your data itself can be read by the Cloud who owns them - or any hackers who manage to hack the system. Besides, I have already told you about the cloud danger

Many cloud services offer space for free online storage. Here we will see the top 7 services of free online storage.

Google Drive

Google drive allows users to store, share and edit different types of files, and to synchronize them remotely. You install an application on your computer. The app creates a Google Drive folder. All the files that you copy into this folder are automatically copied and synchronized on Google's servers.

15 GB of free online storage, not bad. A upload limit of 10 GB per file, it's even better. If we add streaming of the main video formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.), high transmission/reception speed and an online office suite, is that enough for you? A Google Drive application for Android and iOS is also available. You will have no trouble finding your files.


Microsoft OneDrive is the equivalent of Google Drive at Microsoft : storage and office automation applications. Online office applications are lite versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote. The service can be used in two ways: through a web browser, or through the OneDrive software which allows rapid synchronization between OneDrive and your computer. The service currently provides 15 GB of free online storage.


dropbox is an excellent solution for quickly backing up, sharing and synchronizing files and folders between online storage. The service of Dropbox is free and includes a 2 GB free online storage. Via a sponsorship mechanism, the space reserved for a free account can be extended up to Go 10. Beyond this free space, Dropbox offers 50 and 100 GB packs.


With 10 GB of free online space, up to one maximum of 20 via the usual means (sharing, service recommendation, etc.), pCloud is in the average of its competitors. Functions like a link that allows someone to send a file to your pCloud even without using the service, or the possibility (at a charge) to create a folder "Cryptocurrency », Locally encrypting the files in the folder and making them inaccessible to anyone except you of course, makes pCloud interesting.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Cloud drive, is a file storage and sharing service in the cloud provided by Amazon. This is a classic service for hosting your files, automatically backing them up and, optionally, sharing them. Cloud Drive works on desktop as well as mobile devices All Amazon customers start with 5 GB of free online storage.

hubiC [ closed ]

hubiC, is the only french cloud service of my selection. It's also my favorite. This is a classic cloud file storage and sharing service offered by OVH, a French company that hosts websites and rents private servers.

hubiC can be used from any web browser or using a dedicated application, landline or mobile. hubiC offers the classic features of a cloud service, plus a very practical backup service. In order to differentiate itself from other similar services, the free version allowed to store up to 25 GB of data.

The great strength of hubiC is that it is a French application. You therefore have documentation, a user forum and customer service in French.