Create a disposable and anonymous email address in less than a minute

anonymous email address
anonymous email address

When registering for a site, a valid email address is often required to send a confirmation email. But in many cases, the first shipment is followed by others, this time advertising messages. Then how to avoid pollution of our main mailbox ?

It's simple, There are free services that provide us with a disposable email address valid for a while so that we can use it on a site that asks us for an address valid email when registering.

For this I offer 5 sites that allow you to create a fake temporary email address. They also allow you tosend an anonymous email:

  • Yopmail offers public email addresses available and accessible without creation or password
  • Trashmail redirects emails to your real address. When the transfer limit is reached, the email address of Trashmail will be automatically deleted.
  • offers you an email address that forwards all emails it receives to your regular email address for an hour, a day, a week or a month.
  • mail temp offer you a disposable temporary email. As soon as it is created, forward all the emails it receives to your usual email address.
  • mohmal offers a choice of redirection or disposable public email addresses.

That's it that's all. Yes I know there are a lot of other services but I have given you the most reliable ones and which I use personally! 😉 Otherwise if you have other reliable services do not hesitate to share them with us in a comment.