The 10 Best Free AI Image Generators

free image generator AI 2
free image generator AI 2

Today, AI is part of our daily lives and there are a lot of things that it didn't yet know how to do a few months ago that it now does perfectly. Among the most popular features are: AI image generators.

All of this image generators are extremely popular today and it is therefore logical that they have multiplied in recent months. To stand out, some will aim for originality or rather very particular styles.

So, obviously, depending on your experience and your requests, you are not going to need the same thing. Don't panic, because in this article, we invite you to discover 10 free AI image generators.

Deep Dream Generator, a psychedelic AI image generator

If you like psychedelic image renderings, then look no further! Deep Dream Generator uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create dreamlike and psychedelic images by applying complex transformations to existing images.

For this you can use any base image, even one of your own. Be careful though because its interface is not very user-friendly for novice users, requiring a certain familiarity with the process of AI-assisted art creation.

Another point to consider is that access to some features of Deep Dream Generator may require registration on the site. Users may also experience delays or wait times during use.

Runway ML, a complete AI

Runway ML is a powerful platform that allows users to explore and integrate business modelsmachine learning in their creative projects with a wide diversity of ready-to-use models, covering areas such as image generation which will interest us here.

One of the advantages of Runway ML is its user-friendly interface, making the user experience accessible even to beginners in AI image generator. The platform also offers collaborative features, allowing users to share their creations and work together on innovative projects.

Be careful though, because full access to all Runway ML features requires a paid subscription. Additionally, although the platform offers a wide variety of templates, advanced customization of these templates can sometimes be limited.

DALL-E, the leader in AI image generators?

Si GIVE HER is today the leader in free AI image generators, this is notably because it allows the generating images from textual descriptions. This allows you to create unique images in response to specific descriptions.

Note, however, that DALL-E can sometimes produce results that are unexpected or difficult to interpret, requiring a certain learning curve to maximize its potential and achieve the desired result.

Artbreeder, art accessible to all

artbreeder is a free AI image generator which allows users to create images by merging different visual characteristics. Users, even without advanced technical skills, can produce visually striking works.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain accurate images depending on the user's intentions. Additionally, although the platform offers a free version, advanced features require a paid subscription.

Paintschainer, an AI image generator for coloring

Do you have sketches and want to color them? Paintchainer is the AI ​​image generator that is made for you! It is fast and efficient, providing a quick solution for artists wanting to add colors to their drawings.

Users can experiment with various preset coloring styles, allowing easy customization to suit their artistic preferences, although sometimes it lacks a bit of flexibility.

Designify, a good tool for beginners

Designify is an easy-to-use AI image generator and able to quickly generate visual elements for different needs. It is an accessible tool even for those who are not experts in graphic design.

One of Designify's strong points is its diversity of predefined models, covering various categories such as logos, banners, business cards, etc. This variety allows users to quickly find designs that suit their needs.

However, despite the diversity of models, some users may experience limitations in terms of advanced customization. But for software focused on accessibility, this is rather expected.

Midjourney, a recognized AI image generator

There where midjourney stands out as a free AI image generator, it's in beauty and the realism of the works proposed. This allows you to have a result that will meet your expectations as closely as possible.

The main problem is that not only will you have to go through a server Discord to make your requests, but in addition only 25 credits will be offered to you to test the software and then you will have to pay.

Lexica Art, works of art at your fingertips

One of the big advantages that Lexica Art will offer users, even novices, the possibility of generate visually striking works. It's an AI image generator that is quite easy to use.

One of the strengths of Lexica Art lies in its ability to merge different artistic influences, allowing users to create unique works by combining various visual elements. This versatility offers great freedom of creative expression.

Note, however, that the style library may seem limited compared to other competing platforms. Additionally, although the interface is user-friendly, the advanced customization options are quite few and will be missed by those who want to take the creation process further.

Remini, an AI image generator that improves your photos

One of the strengths of Remini is its ability to restore and refine photo details, thus offering a clear visual improvement. It can be particularly useful for revivingold low resolution photos, making them sharper and more attractive.

However, certain disadvantages must be taken into account. Although Remini can improve the sharpness of images, it can sometimes introduce unwanted artifacts or alterations, especially in already high-quality photos. Finally, it should be noted that the most advanced features will cost money, as is often the case with this type of software.