How to detect fake images?

detect fake images
detect fake images

With the Social Media, fake pictures have multiplied. The media shares millions of photos, some real, some fake. Their goal: to have the maximum number of shares, likes, and retweets.

Verification is becoming more and more difficult. The most unbelieving among you can easily fall into the trap.

To avoid being fooled, here are some practical tips for spotting fake images.

Do a reverse image search on Google

La image search reversed consists of search from an image to find similar images on the web. Google has been offering this feature for several years.

To do this, you do not need any software or technical skills.

You just have to right click with your mouse on the image and click on " Search for an image with Google ».

You can also save the image to your computer and import it directly to the search engine.

To do this:

  • Visit Google Images.
  • Click on the camera icon.
  • Click Import Image then Choose File or Browse.
  • Select an image from your computer and click Open.

This method will look for similar images or on the same theme.

If the image in question has been shared several times by several reputable sites, its veracity seems obvious. But the opposite is just as true.

If the image was shared by sites which spread conspiracy theories, which seek buzz, likes and sharing then its veracity seems to be compromised.

Detect a faked or edited photo

Forensically is a site that offers you to know if a photo has been faked, or items have been added or changed.
For discover a faked photo, Forensically provides you with a range of varied tools.

Among which we find:

  • a magnifying glass to reveal the contrasts between the pixels,
  • a clone detector to highlight the duplicated areas on the same image,
  • a metadata function to have the information hidden in the image.

Simply upload your file and use the different menus such as Error Level Analysis or clone detection to determine whether or not there has been photo editing.

Here is a demo in video of Forensically possibilities :