The 5 best computer-assisted translation software


You have need to translate texts regularly and you don't know which solution to use to obtain the best result? Well know that there are professional software to translate your text, and get fast and quality results.

Here I have listed for you five must-have tools that each sworn translation at Protranslate used to ensure perfect translation jobs.

These 5 software are part of computer-assisted translation software (TAO).

What is computer-assisted translation software?

Un computer-assisted translation software facilitates the translation process. Contrary to what many might think, these tools are not the same as Google Translator, which automatically translates the sentences you enter.

In computer-assisted translation, it is indeed a human being who translates, but with computer support to make his task easier.

Why use computer assisted translation software?

Computer-assisted translation software can both improve the quality of translations and reduce translation times and costs.

It allows for the gradual creation of glossaries and translation memories which are enriched and reinforced in terms of quality over the course of the translations.

The 5 best computer-assisted translation software

There are several computer-assisted translation software programs developed for sworn translators. Here are 5 essential translation tools among the most widely used in the world.

MemoQ (paid)

memoq is a powerful translation software of texts. You can translate your texts, save translations of expressions or even estimate the translation time of a text.

Compatible with many formats (MS Office, HTML, XML, XLIFF or even TTX), it is a complete software environment designed for freelance translators as well as for larger companies.

Software to try for free for 45 days without limitations.

SDL Trados (paid)

SDL Trades is also a powerful computer-assisted translation software suite. It is extremely complete, and particularly well designed.

SDL Trados is the software most used by translation agencies around the world. However, it will cost around 700 euros to get this software.

OmegaT (free)

For individuals and small businesses, the software Omegat is undoubtedly the best and most complete open source solution. It turns on Windows as well as on Mac.

Designed for professional translators, OmegaT is a powerful software offering many advanced functions, in particular:

  • customizable segmentation using regular expressions,
  • a translation memory
  • search in glossaries and dictionaries,
  • search in translation memories
  • Spell check incorporated.
  • and above all a large community of users to help you.

OmegaT supports many formats, including Openoffice, StarOffice, and Unicode.

Déjà Vu

Already seen is another translation software more complete integrating a project management part and a translation part. It is one of the most popular translation software.
The interface is clean and convenient thanks to a tab system, and it is compatible with a wide variety of formats.
Software features include pre-translation, automatic search and automatic sending. It of course integrates memory management, with a layer of “ machine learning »To increase the translator's productivity.

Wordfast (free)

wordfast is another free solution. It is a powerful translation memory tool.

It includes of course an unlimited private translation memory, and terminology management. But also optional features: automatic translation, and public memory.