How to configure Ticket Tool on your server Discord ?

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Dernière mise à jour: 25 mai 2024

Today, Discord has established itself as the leader in communication interfaces, all on a large scale. It must be said that where Skype weighs quite heavily and seems a little archaic in certain areas and where software like Teamspeak has austere interfaces, Discord appears to be a good student.

The first thing to note is that it is free. But beyond being free, it was designed specifically to be able to keep large communities in touch and it can perfectly serve as a work tool or even a gathering point.

Thus, it is not uncommon to see several dozen people or even hundreds on the same site. server Discord. The problem is that this inevitably leads to problems and one of the ways to solve them is to use a bot like Ticket Tool. In this article, we explain how to install and configure it on your own server.

What is Ticket Tool?

Ticket Tools is a bot Discord. If you have never installed one, understand that these are small pieces of software that work via commands that you enter and which then execute actions that are not basicly implemented in Discord.

Here, the goal of Ticket Tool is going to be to make your life easier in managing your server every day. Because yes, if you ever have a lot of members, it can quickly become hell.

Everyone will encounter bugs and contacting the administrators can sometimes be complicated. So, you will end up with this kind of messages that pollute channels that are not for that at the base.

You're also going to have people who just don't dare to ask questions or express things because they don't want to do it in public. However, Ticket Tools will be of great help for this purpose.

Indeed, what this muzzle Discord allows you to do is simply create tickets that only administrators will receive privately. So, no more problems for users and more peace of mind for administrators.

How does it work?

So, how does Ticket Tools work? Well, it's very simple, when a user has a ticket to submit to moderation, they simply tap a small button in a support channel.

All he then has to do is describe this problem and send the ticket. The moderators then receive it and can respond to it and communicate privately with the person. Once the problem is resolved, the administrator just has to click on the little button with the padlock to close it, child's play!

Bring Ticket Tool to your server Discord

Well, that's it, you're convinced, Ticket Tools is the tool you need on your server Discord ? So, no worries, follow these steps:

  • Just meet on the official website and you will come across a fairly simple page.
  • Then click on Login in the upper right corner. Then log in using your account credentials Discord.

Click Authorize to give Ticket Tool permission to manage your server.

  • There, all you have to do is click on the big button which asks you to invite Ticket Tools directly to your server. You will then see a new window open.
  • This will ask you on which server you want to use its services, choose yours.
  • Once this is done, Ticket Tool will ask you for a series of permissions. Here it is important to give it all, otherwise it will not be able to run properly on your server Discord.

Once it's done, that's it, you have invited Ticket Tool to your server Discord, it will now be time to move on to the settings, whether for the tool itself, or for your server.

Create a channel for the bot Discord

Regarding setting Ticket Tool to Discord, the first thing to do is to create a new living room. In fact, it is via the latter that the bot will be able to allow users to open tickets.

For this, there is nothing very complicated to do.

  • Open Discord and open your server.
  • Click on the little + next to the category where you want to create your channel and then give it a name such as Assistance for example to be clear to your users.

  • In the pop-up window, name your support text channel and click Create a living room to create the channel.

There you go, the living room itself is created. The only thing that is important to do is of course to create a text channel and not a voice channel so that we can easily enter commands.

Create a moderator role on his server

Once the channel is open, the second step is to create a specific role. Indeed, it is to this role and to this role alone that Ticket Tools will send ticket notifications to your server Discord.

This role is generally that of moderator. Indeed, whether it is you or you get help from other people, it is always important to have moderators on a server Discord to answer questions, but also moderate certain behaviors.

Therefore, it makes sense that these moderators have access to Ticket Tool to make their lives easier. Therefore, if the moderator role is already created, you will not need to do anything further. However, if this is not the case, here is the procedure to follow to create it on your Discord.

  • Click on the server name at the top left.
  • Click Server Settings at the top left.
  • Then click on roles.
  • Press the “create role” button.
  • Choose the role name.
  • Then choose the permissions.
  • Assign Ticket Tool role.

Configure Ticket Tool

Once this is all done, congratulations, you have completely succeeded in configure your server Discord for Ticket Tools. However, there is still one important step to complete, configure Ticket Tools for your server Discord.

For this, you must go to the Official Ticket Tools webpage. Next to the button to invite the bot to your server, you will see a second large button “ Manage servers“, Click on it.

From then on, you will be able to access the Ticket Tool settings on your server and you will see that you have done the most complicated and time-consuming part via the previous steps. All that remains is to validate all of this. So here is the procedure to follow:

  • Choose the server to configure.
  • Go to Panel config, then to Create panel.
  • The first window is used to give a name to the panel.
  • On the second enter the name of the role you just created.
  • Validate by clicking on Save.
  • Now, just send the Panel we created to our “Assistance” Salon. To do this, click on the Send button at the top, select the Assistance panel and click on Send again.

Here's how users can create and respond to tickets and the support team.

And voila, if you have followed all the steps in this guide correctly, the Ticket Tools bot should not only have no more mysteries for you, but on top of that, it should be installed on your server.

Congratulations, users on your server can find the Support channel. They can open it and click on the Create a ticket.

From then on, you will quickly see to what extent this application will save your life and above all will make it easier for you to moderate your server. Discord in the weeks and months to come.