How to recover your Facebook account without a code generator?

facebook authentication code generator
facebook authentication code generator

Last updated: January 1, 2023

Social networks have now taken on a great importance in our lives and we only want to protect them as much as possible to prevent them from being hacked and falling into the wrong hands.

One of the solutions that works well at the moment is double authentication !

Can't access your Facebook account without confirmation or reset code? Don't panic, all is not lost! We'll show you how to log in to your account using alternative methods to receiving a Facebook confirmation code.

What is Facebook double authentication?

Indeed, the principle is quite simple. Whenever a new connection appears or when you want to change a parameter, a message is sent to you on an application or by SMS.

You will then have the choice to approve or not what has just been done. This guarantees that even if hackers manage to find the entry code for your Facebook account, you will be able to prevent them from causing damage and recovering information.

From then on, you just have to change your password after having made a virus scan to ensure that no malicious software is at the origin of this password leak which almost led to hacking.

But if you are here, it is precisely because you have lost access to this two-factor authentication software and you're desperately looking for a way to log into your Facebook account!

Ask Facebook to text you

The first thing you can do is simply ask Facebook to send you a temporary identification code to your mobile email.

In fact, via the telephone number that you entered during the two-factor authentication procedure, you have entered a telephone number and it is therefore on this one that the brand will contact you.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • From the screen asking you for the connection code, click on “ Do you need another authentication method? " (at the bottom left).
  • Select Other options at the bottom left.
  • Then click Send me a connection code by SMS.
  • Wait for the SMS to arrive and enter the 6-digit code

If in addition to not being able to access your authentication software, you cannot access your cell phone either, you can now move on to the next step because the code will only be sent to this one for fairly obvious security reasons.

Use a security code

The second option is to anticipate that one day you may lose access to your two-factor authentication. So when you were setting it up, you could enter emergency codes.

These codes can only be used once, but they will allow you to have access to your account and therefore be able to do whatever you want. We therefore advise you to create a few during configuration.

Be careful not to create access codes that could be too easy for hackers to guess. So avoid 0000 or 1111 or even your date of birth. This would ruin all the security put in place by double authentication.

Allow connection from another device

It's quite silly, but one of the ways to authorize a new device to connect is simply to go to an existing device! In fact, all you have to do is go to the notifications.

You will then see a notification telling you that a connection attempt has taken place from a new device and this will even tell you the GPS coordinates from which that device to try to connect.

So, if it was you who tried to connect yourself, you just have to click on It was me to authorize access and you shouldn't have too much trouble afterwards.

Finally, it will also allow you to know when strange connections which are not of your making have occurred.

Create a new account from your phone number

The last solution is an exclusive trick that you won't find anywhere else.

The trick is to use your phone number to create a new account. This will automatically clear the phone number from your old account and at the same time clear the two-factor authentication.

Once you have access to your old account, all you have to do is delete the new one and set up two-factor authentication again as if nothing had happened.

Finally, if you are a victim of Facebook hacking, I invite you to look in the following article at the methods available to recover your precious property: Facebook account hacked, how to recover it?