Google Images: how to make the "See image" button reappear?

see google image
see google image

Dernière mise à jour: 23 mai 2024

If you use Google's image search tool extensively, you've probably heard the bad news. Indeed Google has announced the removal of the "see image" link, the company made its decision following a legal settlement between Alphabet (Google's parent company) and Getty Images.

For those who are not informed, the “view image” button in Google allowed users to view an image without having to visit the site that hosts it. This feature allowed users not to waste time visiting third-party sites and especially to save data for those who were a bit limited in data. Indeed the user could see an image without having to load the entire web page.

In addition to the removal of the "View Image" button, it appears that the search by resolution button has also disappeared. Previously, it was possible to click on the text mentioning the resolution of an image to be redirected to a search page showing all the existing resolutions of that image.

Google also confirmed that this decision was motivated by the dissatisfaction of the creators and publishers of content. Internet users could access the images without even visiting the platforms that published them.

Yet many users of the famous search engine have expressed their disagreement with the latest decisions of the net giant.

Et workarounds did not take long to flourish on the networks. In particular an open source extension called "Make Google Image Search Great Again ”has been developed and it allows the reappearance of the“ View Image ”button. The extension is available for Firefox browsers et Google Chrome.

And if you don't want to use an extension, you still have a few solutions. By right-clicking on the thumbnail, you can choose the “Open image in a new tab” option which will have the same effect as the “View image” button.

Finally you could also use the search engines Bing and DuckDuckGo. They haven't changed their image search tool and allow you to see an image in one click.

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