Clean up your mobile with CCleaner for Android


Known worldwide for its Windows version allowing you to clean your PC, CCleaner points the tip of its nose to the Android system. Enough to clean up your cellphone!

The concept is the same as on a computer: CCleaner for Android optimizes and cleans your phone.

For this, CCleaner offers to scan the system and clean the application cache, download folder, browsing history, downloaded files as well as deactivate unnecessary third-party services.

With a simple and convenient interface. the application can also delete call log and SMS, individually or in batches. It also offers an application manager for uninstalling apps in batches. A more than practical function.

Finally, CCleaner for Android monitors your CPU usage, storage space, battery level and phone temperature.

To try it, start with download CCleaner for Android. Analyze and after a few minutes, Ccleaner will give you a list of items that can be deleted: cache, history, SMS, etc.

As far as I'm concerned, Ccleaner allowed me to recover more than 1 GB of disk space. The result is simply perfect.