Top 9 Sites to Download Free Music Legally

Last updated: February 11, 2023

Music is an inseparable part of a lot of people's lives. Indeed, there are many people who listen to it, for example, whether in transport or at work depending on the trade.

Therefore, we have seen a lot of platforms develop in recent years. These offer the possibility of listening to music online. That's good, but we don't always have internet access everywhere!

So, in this article, we will help you by giving you the best sites to download free music legally. We offer you in all and for all 10, each of which has its advantages, as well as its disadvantages.

YouTube music library

If you are in the world of YouTube, you have noticed that in recent years, the rules regarding copyright have tightened. Then you are probably looking for a way to download music legally.

Luckily for you there is a very simple way! Indeed, to help you, YouTube offers its own royalty-free music bank that can be downloaded for free! The choice is limited, but it's a nice boost.

Visit Youtube audio library 

Jamendo, discover independent artists

Another very popular platform for the attraction of downloading music legally is Jamendo. Indeed, this platform highlights independent artists, sorted into categories, according to the style of music you want.

Visit Jamendo

Noisetrade, give some information to download music legally

The idea of ​​Noisetrade is simple, it is to allow you tohave music free for information. These depend on the artists, but typically it can be an email address.

This will then allow the artist to keep you informed of their future releases, for example. It’s a bit of a give/take. You have free music and the artist creates a potential audience to whom he can then sell his sounds.

Visit Noisetrade

Soundclick, a very wide choice, but not always free!

When we seek to legally download music to iphone or iPad, Soundclick is a great alternative! Indeed, there is a very large choice, but you have to be careful, because not everything is free. Indeed, some artists only put some free music. It will then be necessary to pay a few euros to acquire others.

The advantage is that it allows you to test. So, if you find that this artist is a match for you, you can then spend some money. You then have no fear of having paid for a disappointing result.

Visit Soundclick

Free Music Archive, an American radio to download music legally

Free Music Archive is a bit like one of the pioneer sites for legally downloading music. Basically, this site is managed by an independent radio station in New Jersey, WFUM. The idea is to highlight lesser-known artists.

For this, the radio therefore offers a catalog of music that is simply huge. The strong point is that all this music is completely free and you can download it without worries!

Visit Free Music Archive

Amazon Music, find the nugget for free

Amazon is an e-commerce giant and of course they were interested in offering to download music legally. If most of the offers are paid, you can sort. By choosing “free” as the price, you will then have all the royalty-free music that you can download via the platform.

The internet Archive, discover the internet before and download music legally!

The Internet Archive is not necessarily the best known site for downloading music legally. Indeed, we are more interested in it to discover what the net could look like before.

Except that among the different sections, we find the Live Music Archive. This one is then filled with small musical nuggets that you will be able to download for free and of course in a completely legal way!

Visit Amazon Music

Musopen, the holy grail of classical music

Musopen is a somewhat special free music library. Indeed, on site, you will only find classical music. But if it's this style of music that tempts you, we clearly encourage you to take a look!

It's simple, you will find on site the greatest composers of classical music, whether Bach, Beethoven or many others. Do you want more ? You can also benefit from free sheet music if you want to practice yourself. In the field of classical music, it is an absolute reference.

Visit Musopen, discover your tastes and download music legally

Behind Last-fm, we find a music giant, Paramount Global. Basically, it's a tool that allows you to recommend music according to what you generally listen to, but it can go further.

Indeed, some free tracks are offered. So, they are not necessarily the most generous in this area, but it can allow you to legally download music that you like from time to time.


Reverbnation, discover the nuggets of tomorrow

Finally, the last site that we are going to present to you is Reverbnation, which aims to help new groups get started. Indeed, you will not find especially well-known groups on the platform.

However, the choice is substantial and there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for. To help you, the music is arranged in different categories according to the style used by the group.

Visit Reverbnation


There you go, you now know more about how to download music for free and legally! As you can see, there are many alternatives on the net today.

Some may not be what you are looking for. But we're willing to bet that you'll definitely find the one you're looking for among the selection we're offering you today.

Finally, to be completely complete, if you are looking for best known sounds and for free, we advise you to lean towards offers like those of Deezer or even Spotify. Indeed, it is possible to listen to these platforms for free. However, it will necessarily require an internet connection and ads appear from time to time.