Top 5 best antivirus and antimalware sites

anti malware
anti malware

If you like to clean up from time to time, or conduct in-depth analyzes on your computer in case of doubt, I present a selection of sites to you. free antivirus and Antimalware.

Outsmart surveillance with DETEKT

Whether you are a journalist or an ordinary citizen, your government will not hesitate to spy on you. Because you just have to have been caught talking nonsense on Messenger or caught your hand in the bag. explore the darknet from your machine so that the secret services are interested in you ... To see if you have no nice Spayware or Trojan installed on your machine, use DETEKT.

Detekt is a free tool that allows you to find out if a computer Windows is under surveillance. It scans your computer for known spyware used by some governments to target human rights defenders and journalists around the world.

Analyze a file with MALWR

You surely know Virustotal, this online scanner which allows to analyze programs or files by an imposing antivirus list, the Malwr service goes further by analyzing in depth the files that you send to it.

Malwr uses a remote secure ("sandbox") space to install or open potential malware. You will have access to various information on the location of the installed files, impact on the registry, connection to a particular IP, etc. In the SIGNATURE category, you will see suspicious behavior in orange and clearly abusive behavior in red.

Remove risky software

If you spend your life installing a whole bunch of programs, some of them very strange, you may have come across software that hides malware or adware in their code,

The service Should I Remove It? lists the software installed on your computer and determines which ones are potentially malicious.

If you don't want to install it, search the site by typing the name of the suspicious program. Be careful, this is not an antivirus, but just a tool to detect programs that are too heavy, violating your privacy.

F-SECURE: online antivirus

Even if I advise you to install an antivirus on your PC, it is not mandatory to perform a one-off scan of your system (and possibly its disinfection). F-SECURE antivirus editor, offers a online solution. Click on RUN NOW and download the proposed file.

F-Secure Online Scanner, scans and detects viruses and spyware free of charge on workstations. The site guides you step by step in detecting and removing malicious files for a simple and intuitive experience. If the program finds a malicious file, it will automatically attempt to clean it.

Online scanning and cleaning with Bitdefender

The famous security software publisher Bitdefender also offers its own online scan service. It's called BitDefender QuickScan and it can scan for and remove viruses online.

As usual, this will involve downloading a small program to launch the analysis in the Cloud.