The 5 best antiviruses for Android

best android antivirus
best android antivirus

Last updated: September 23, 2023

You may remember our article where we discussed why you don't really need antivirus on your Android phone. That said, not everyone has the same habits or the same concerns.

Some of us want that extra protection or just like knowing we have everything in place to defend against threats.

If you are one of those looking for that extra, or if you are just curious about the good options, here is a list of the 5 best antiviruses for Android

Most of these apps don't just automatically scan your device. Indeed, they also act proactively to prevent the opening or downloading of potentially infected web pages and files.

Avast mobile security

Benefits :

  • Call blocking
  • Anti-theft devices


  • Advertising display

Antivirus giant Avast has put its skills to work to create a world-class mobile security app. In addition to the anti-virus functions, the application, in its free version, also allows:

The application is available free of charge against displaying advertising. You can also pay a monthly or annual subscription for a version without ads. The premium version offers some interesting additional options such as “in-app locking” where your device will ask you to enter your PIN code before allowing certain applications to open. This helps prevent the malware launch sensitive applications, such as banking applications, automatically.

You can download Avast Mobile Security here

Bitdefender Antivirus Free


  • Application that consumes little resources for the OS
  • Very easy to use


  • Scans must be scheduled manually

Bitdefender is a recognized player in the computer security community, and its software antivirus consume very few resources. Indeed, the application does not run continuously in the background, this frees up resources for the proper functioning of the operating system andsave battery.

The downside is that the user has to initiate the scan of their device themselves in order to stay safe. On the other hand, each new downloaded application is automatically scanned.

Another plus of this antivirus solution is that once installed, the application does not need to be configured, it is directly operational.

You can download Bitdefender here .


An efficient and lightweight security solution


  • Low consumption of resources
  • Block unwanted calls
  • High level of protection

Antiy AVL previously won the AV-Test (a respected organization in the field of computer security) for the title of best protection for mobile devices.

These features not only include access to a database of android viruses but also a scanner capable of detecting all executable files that try to find their way into your device without your knowledge.

Another cool feature is its unwanted call blocking system. It helps prevent all malicious calls from successfully reaching you. The application also blocks access to fraudulent sites thanks to its anti-phishing feature.

And finally, AVL requires very few resources to operate and therefore does not strain your battery too much.

You can download AVL for free here .

McAfee Mobile Security

Benefits :

  • Device Theft advanced
  • Preventing data leaks

Inconvenience :

  • Display of advertisements

McAfee is a major player in computer security and their new application, McAfee Mobile Security, does not disappoint. In addition to the Android antivirus scanner, features include tracing the stolen device as well as remote blocking. And if your device is stolen, the app can take a photo of the thief.

Another specified of this anti-virus is its ability to scan applications to determine if they allow personal data leakage, and to lock them if necessary. McAfee also offers the possibility of block access to potentially dangerous sites.

You can download Mc Afee Mobile Security here .

kaspersky mobile antivirus

Benefits :

  • Excellent malware detection system
  • Blocking of risky sites and links


  • Many features are only available in the paid version

Kaspersky enjoys a great reputation in the antivirus sector and is undoubtedly one of the biggest players in the sector. Its free application is, according to AV test tests, capable of detecting and blocking 99,9% of malware, making it one of the best on the market currently.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus allows preventive blocking of access to malicious sites or links. This feature prevents devices from getting infected in the first place.

You can download the Kaspersky Mobile Antiviru application here .

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