The 5 Best Free Antiviruses in 2024

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Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

« What is the best free antivirus ? » This question comes up frequently in social media group discussions. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question. If a free antivirus really dominated all the others, it would quickly become known.

No free antivirus is perfect. Some do not detect all viruses, others cause false alerts. Some applications may not update correctly, others may use a lot of system resources and cause crashes.

It is therefore more appropriate to ask “ Which free antivirus do you need ? » There are different options, from Windows Defender integrated into Windows, to Avira which offers a complete security suite.

Here is a list of the best free antiviruses for Windows. Use them to protect your computer.

Avira Free Antivirus

Avira is considered one of the best free, reliable and effective antiviruses on the market. It protects your computer against all forms of malware, such as Trojans, locks, rootkits and dialers, acting as a shield and antivirus in one.

Avira Free Antivirus also offers a new repair system that helps automatically clean the registry and system files when a virus is detected and removed. This antivirus has a cloud-based real-time scanning system that scans for unknown files anonymously with data from millions of users to protect you from emerging threats in real time.

In addition to these features, Avira also includes Phantom VPN, a VPN that anonymizes and encrypts your internet browsing with a limit of 500 MB per month. Additionally, it also includes a password manager to help you manage and protect your online credentials.


Most The lessers
Real-time virus protection Occasional blocking of legitimate files
Fast real-time analysis Daily pop-up advertising
Additional features such as VPN No email scanning in the free version
Light, fast, and won't slow down your system Technical Support Limitations

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Avast One Essential

Avast One Essential is considered one of the best free antiviruses available. Thanks to its ease of use, it offers comprehensive protection, including features such as an anti-virus and anti-spyware engine, real-time anti-rootkit protection, and a network agent.

It also incorporates Real-Time Protection, which continuously monitors system activities to detect suspicious behavior.

Avast also comes with several other security features, such as Mail Protection, Browser Protection, Wi-Fi Security Scan, and Privacy Protection.

Additionally, Avast offers an improved password management system, a secure browser for online shopping and banking, and simplified installation.

It is important to note that the free version of Avast is only available for personal, non-commercial use.

Most The lessers
Ransomware protection for your personal files  Use of lots of system resources
Firewall to prevent attacks on your computer via Wi-Fi and the Internet. Conflicts with other software
Protection against spammers for your mailbox Detecting Clean Files as Infected (False Positives)
Real time protection User data collection

AVG antivirus

AVG AntiVirus Free provides comprehensive protection against all forms of malware and online threats, ranging from viruses to phishing attempts and Wi-Fi intrusions. This software is designed to detect and eliminate rootkits, block spyware and protect your files with a advanced ransomware defense.

For added online security, AVG Free AntiVirus can be combined with AVG Internet Security. With this solution, you also benefit from protection for your webcam, a firewall to secure your network and different tools to prevent computer hacking.

In sum, AVG AntiVirus Free offers reliable and comprehensive protection for users concerned about their online security.

Most The lessers
Advanced Ransomware Protection Reduced functionality in the free version
Webcam Protection Frequent updates
Anti-hacking tools Impact on system performance
Has a firewall

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Windows Microsoft Defender

Windows Defender is free antivirus software developed by Microsoft for computers running Windows. It is integrated directly into Windows and works in the background to protect your computer from online threats.

The tool examines the registry, cookies, memory, folders and drive contents in detail. Indeed, it uses a combination of technologies such as virus signing, heuristic analysis and behavioral detection to detect and eliminate threats. If malware is detected, Windows Defender allows you to eliminate it.

Windows Defender works in the background and rarely interrupts the user. However, it also offers advanced security options to protect sensitive folders. In short, Windows Defender is a powerful solution, at no additional cost, for your IT security.

Most The lessers
Low impact on system resources Insufficient protection against advanced threats
Easy to use Interference with other security software
Ransomware Protection Manual Setup Required
Well integrated into the system Lack of advanced functions

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Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is free antivirus software developed by Bitdefender, an IT security company based in Romania. It is designed to protect personal computers from viruses, spyware, adware and other online threats.

This software provides optimal online protection by blocking dangerous websites to prevent malware infections. It can perform a full system scan to detect hidden malware and eliminate them. The user interface is designed to be easy to use, even for inexperienced users.

In addition to basic antivirus protection, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition also includes additional protection against phishing attacks by notifying you of websites that may attempt to steal your personal information. It can also detect and block spyware that seeks to monitor your online activity.

Most The lessers
Phishing Protection Limited customer support for the free version
Spyware Protection No VPN
Ad blocking Potential false positives
Protection against Cryptojacking Absence of advanced functions in the free version

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