The msvcr120.dll is missing, how to solve this error?

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msvcr120 dll not found 1 1

Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

You have an error message'msvcp120.dll missing' on your Windows ? This is quite common and it just means that a small, important file is missing for some of your programs to work properly.

But do not panic ! We are here to help you resolve this little hassle. We will show you how to submit this file msvcp120.dll in its place so that everything is in order.

When does this error appear?

Okay, before we get into more detail on how to solve the problem of msvcr120.dll missing, let's try to understand it without necessarily going into the details. You will have noticed that the missing file is called a DLL.

But then, what is hidden behind this acronym? Well, it's simple, it's a library which will contain code, as well as data which can subsequently be used by several programs for their operation.

Problem is, if these programs need this data, but this file is missing, they simply cannot run and that's where your problem comes with software that unfortunately refuses to launch despite your best efforts.

Be careful of sites that offer to download the msvcp120.dll file

On paper, it seems simple: a file is missing, so why not just add it? If you searched the internet for the name 'msvcr120.dll' or another DLL missing, you have surely seen sites offering to download it directly. You would think that downloading the file would fix everything in a few minutes. But if it were really that simple, we wouldn't need to tell you any more about it.

The problem is that this method can pose two big problems. First, downloading files from an unknown site can be risky. You cannot be sure that they do not contain malware. Then this error message might just be the tip of the iceberg. Even if you download the file, it might not completely resolve the issue.

So, what is the best approach to take?

Didn't you delete it by mistake?

Well for this first tip, we will ask you if this error appears on a new application only or also on applications that you were used to using before.

If so, well, to err is human and you may have simply deleted it while trying to put other things in the trash. So don't hesitate to take a look, it can save you valuable time.

If this file is in the trash, all you have to do is right-click on it and choose to restore it. Normally, you shouldn't have any more problems. If not, let's continue exploring steps to resolve the issue.

Reinstall Virtual C++ Redistributable packages

Virtual C++ Redistributable packages is a program that you probably don't remember having installed on your machine and for good reason, it is installed as standard, but it is this which may be the origin of your problems.

Indeed, like any application, through use, it sometimes happens that a file ends up matching or being deleted completely unintentionally. So, the best thing in this case is to do a big spring cleaning.

Just go to the official website and download this program again. Then, reinstall it again on your computer, then test to see if that solved the problem. If so, congratulations, if not, we'll have to start going a little deeper.

Try typing these phrases in the command prompt

For this, we will use what we call command prompt and which will allow us to enter orders directly so that your machine executes them. To open it, just type cmd In your computer's search bar, right-click it and click Run as administrator.

Once that's done, what we're going to do is simply run a scanner and to do this, we'll need to enter the following command:

Sfc / scannow

Wait patiently for the scan to complete and an error should be found.

If it is displayed as solved you should not have any more worries, if not, type the following command:

sfc / verifyonly

Wait a few moments again and if the error persists, there is one last command to enter:

DISM / Online / Cleanup Image / RestoreHealth

In the majority of cases, the problem should then be completely resolved at this third stage.

Go through an external software like Glarysoft Registry Repair

If the problem persists or if the idea of ​​using the command prompt makes you uncomfortable, don't panic, there is another option available to you: external software.

Indeed, faced with recurring problems, developers have often already found solutions. For your case, we recommend Glarysoft Registry Repair. This program is not only intuitive but also very effective.

Little extra: it’s free! So, take this opportunity to say goodbye to this DLL file problem that was complicating your life. With these steps, you should soon return to normal use of your programs.