Monitor the activity of a WhatsApp contact

monitor whatsapp activity
monitor whatsapp activity

Last updated: January 27, 2023

Looking to monitor the activity of a Whatsapp contact on Android or iOS ? Whether it's your child, or your spouse, Wossip allows you to monitor the activity of all your Whatsapp contacts.

This app will tell you how many times, for how long and at what time your kid is talking on Whatsapp.

All you need to do is enter your contact's phone number and you can track their Whatsapp activity.

You will receive a notification whenever your loved one is online, so you can see if they are chatting with a girlfriend or boyfriend at school, for example.

With Wossip, you will have the possibility to see the number of connections / disconnections and online time. You can even see the last visit and get notified instantly when a contact is online.

The best part is that even if you are blocked by a contact, Wossip still works.

You can indeed display a real report of the contact's activities: duration of connection, date and time of last connection.

Whossip: how does it work?

Just register for the Wossip website. To do this, I invite you to follow the instructions in this video:

Then select the phone numbers of the contacts you want to monitor.

Yes, you got it right, you don't need to be in contact with the person to spy on your WhatApp account, at least its WhatsApp activity.

Once the contact has been selected, one can view their activity, view their online / offline status, login / logout times, as well as general statistics on the WhatsApp usage of the contact in question.

The Wossip application is chargeable. We must pay 8 € / month to continue to spy on your contacts quietly.

If you have a iPhone and you also want to monitor a Whatsapp contact's activity, then be aware that Wossip works for iOS users as well.

Like on Android, Wossip works as an online status notifier of WhatsApp. When a user is active on WhatsApp, you will immediately receive a notification regarding their online presence.

It also allows to follow the change of his profile picture and his text state.

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