Find out if someone is watching you on WhatsApp

whatsapp monitor
whatsapp monitor

With 30 million monthly active users in France, WhatsApp is the second most used messaging application, after Facebook Messenger. It has become the essential application to easily communicate with friends and family.

Although the team behind Whatsapp has made considerable progress in the area of ​​user security and privacy, some users continue to experience some issues in this regard. Worse, with the emergence of apps Web WhatsApp, more than ever, privacy seems threatened.

Following this, several questions arise: is it really possible to monitor a whatsapp number ? If so, how do you know? How do I know if someone is spying on my WhatsApp profile? ? In this article, I'll answer these questions and more.

5 signs to check to know if someone is watching you on WhatsApp

In my personal experience, I would say that there are five signs that allow you to find out if someone is watching you on WhatsApp.

  • The person automatically goes online when you are also online.
  • It sends you a message as soon as you open the WhatsApp application.
  • The person constantly notices and comments on changes in your profile picture.
  • The check mark instantly turns blue after you have sent a message to that person.
  • The person is the first to appear in the list " who viewed my status On status updates.

How to see who has viewed your WhatsApp status?

If you want to see who viewed your status, you can. Unlike your profile, status updates on WhatsApp alert you to people who may be stalking you or just checking your account.

  • First, first click on Status.
  • Then press My status to see all of your recent news feed updates. Next to each status, an eye icon shows you how many people have viewed it.
  • By swiping your finger up on a status, you'll see who recently viewed it.

Currently, this is the only way to answer the question that torments us all: " Who visits my WhatsApp profile »?

Keep in mind that your status only lasts 24 hours, after which you will no longer be able to see who has viewed the content you have posted.

How do you know if you are being spied on via Whatsapp Web?

Web WhatsApp is currently the easiest way tospy on whatsapp conversations of somebody.

It is enough to have access to the phone of his "victim" for a minute, the time to go to the settings of the application, to scan the QR code of Whatsapp Web on a PC. All of his conversations will then be displayed there.

So how do you know if you are a victim of this little hack?

The first proof will appear on the cell phone itself in the form of a notification. Since the versions ofAndroid 7.1.2+ and iOS 10+ WhatsApp sends a notification to the target's phone whenever WhatsApp Web is activated.

If you missed it, you can check the account usage by following these steps.

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Click on the menu option indicated by 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Here, click on the WhatsApp Web option and you can check any device or app that has access to your WhatsApp.

    Find out if you are being spied on via Whatsapp Web

If one or more computers with an open session appear to which you have not given access, your WhatsApp account is compromised on another device.

If you just find the QR code bar, it means your account is not logged in in other device.

How to see who is frequently checking your WhatsApp "Seen To"?

The only way to know if someone is frequently visiting your WhatsApp profile and checking your last visit is to use the modified version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp + .

As you probably already know, "Seen at"indicates the last time your contacts used WhatsApp. Thanks to the WhatsApp + application, you can see how often your contacts visit your profile Whatsapp to see the mention "Seen to" concerning you.

Unfortunately this application for Android is not on Google Play, however you can download its APK file and then install it between your applications and thus be able to enjoy a vitamin WhatsApp.

For more details on how to install Whatsapp Plus on your phone, watch this tutorial.