Who visits my Facebook profile without being a friend 2024

who visits my facebook profile
who visits my facebook profile

You would like know who is visiting your Facebook profile ? In other words, you want to know if it is possible to know which people have viewed or viewed your Facebook profile? And if it is possible, how to do it in 2024?

Can you see who is viewing your Facebook profile?

Facebook does not offer a tool to know who visits your profile. Third-party apps that claim to do this are scams. They simply generate a random list of your Facebook friends which is far from reality.

The answer is clearly indicated by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg explain that:

"Third-party applications do not provide this feature either. If you discover an application that claims to offer this capability, we recommend that you report that application to us."

And if none of the apps are working, then how to do ? In this guide, we share with you the 4 ways to find out who viewed your FB account !

Know who viewed your Facebook profile (iOS app and Android )

To begin with, the first method we will show you to find out who visited your Facebook profile is to use professional mode.

This mode gives you general information about your visitors, like their age and where they live.

Follow the steps below to enable professional mode and access this information.

  • First, make sure your Facebook app is up to date to have access to pro mode.
  • Next, open the Facebook app and go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture at the top left.
  • On your profile, click on the three dots next to the button Edit.
  • Choose Enable professional mode the menu.
    It is important to know that activating professional mode will make your profile public. This means more people will be able to see your profile and posts.

  • Next, tap the Activate button.
  • After activating this mode, go back to your profile and you will see a new tab called See the tools. Click on it.
  • Finally, take a good look at the section named performance And click More statistics to see information about people who visited your profile in the last 28 days.

If you want to disable professional mode and make your profile private again, just go back to the three little dots next to the edit profile button and select Turn off professional mode.

Please note: : Although this method gives you insight into the types of people who visit your Facebook profile, it will not allow you to see specific names or profiles. This is a limitation of Facebook's privacy policy.

Manually find out who viewed your profile (For desktop)

While researching the Net, we found a suggested method for identifying visitors to your Facebook profile by examining the source code of the page.

Intrigued by this idea, we decided to put it to the test.

Here are the steps we followed for this second method:

  • We started by opening our Facebook profile on a desktop PC. This was the first step to access the technical information on our page.
  • Then, by pressing Ctrl + U ( Command (⌘) + F on a Mac), we were able to view the source code of our Facebook profile. This code is usually used by developers and contains detailed information about the structure of the page.
  • To continue, we used the search function in the source code by pressing Ctrl + F ( Command (⌘) + F on Mac) and typed "BUDDY_ID". This should, in theory, reveal unique identifiers to us.

    Source code of our Facebook profile
  • When we found numeric sequences after "{ "BUDDY_ID"}", we attempted to associate them with specific profiles by inserting them into the URL www.facebook.com /Facebook profile ID. For example: www.facebook.com/100001251112988
  • However, we quickly realized that these identifiers did not tell us who had viewed our profile. Rather, they seem to be related to other things on Facebook, like interactions or friend suggestions.

4) Post a public story on Facebook

Facebook Story
Facebook Story

This is the best way to check who actually visited your Facebook profile. Simply publish a public story to find out who is curious about your profile.

Now, if someone visits your profile, your story will launch automatically. So you can see the name of that person who is looking at your profile discreetly. This trick works even if that person is not on your friends list.

5) Analyze friend suggestions

Facebook "Do you know" section

The Facebook friend suggestions don't come out of nowhere. According to Facebook, friend suggestions are based on the people who come to view your profile.
Even if these people are not your friends, they could potentially have viewed your profile.
Finally, if you receive a friend suggestion from someone you are not friends with, it is very likely that this person was suggested because they visited your profile.


Finally, we want to tell you that there are many tricks and methods to see more or less visitors to your Facebook profile. But Facebook did not provide such functionality. So, using an app and a website cannot give you real data.

There is no way to see who has actually viewed your Facebook profile and how many times that person is visiting your profile. Do not sign in to unfamiliar websites or Chrome or Firefox extensions.

Watch out for scams and scams Phishing that can steal your data.