How do hackers hack Facebook accounts?

how to hack facebook
how to hack facebook

Last updated: April 28, 2024

How to hack a Facebook account ? This is a question that many ask themselves. Whether it's to find out if a spouse is faithful or if a friend is sincere, there are many excuses for hacking a Facebook account.

However, it is important to know that most hacking methods promoted online are scams. Indeed, Google search results on this question can often lead to scammers. These claim to be able to obtain the password of a Facebook account in a few seconds.

Google search result for the keyword “How to hack a Facebook account”

Looking at the image above, it is clear that all the links displayed in Google search results are accompanied by icons WOT in red color. This means that these links are considered dangerous.

Beware of sites that promise to hack a Facebook account

On the first page of Google search results, you can find:

  • Sites that ask you to pay to access a Facebook account you want to hack.

    A fraudulent site
  • Personalized fraudulent sites which ask you for the address of a victim's Facebook profile as well as your own password.
  • Sites that trick you into downloading supposedly magical software that will allow you to access everyone's Facebook account passwords. These downloads can often include hidden malware.

Avoid these malicious sites

It is true that there are many scams online. Unfortunately, these sites that claim to be able to hack a Facebook account are just false hopes. These apps are designed to steal your personal information, like your passwords or banking information, or to infect your computer with malware.

The hackers who create these sites do not hesitate to take advantage of your vulnerability to extort money from you. They know that you are willing to spend large sums of money to access a particular Facebook account and use social engineering techniques to convince you to use their script.

It is important not to fall for the traps of online scams that promise to hack Facebook accounts anonymously and for free.

Example of a fraudulent site
Example of a fraudulent site

These pages often contain misleading phrases and unfulfillable promises, such as:

  • Recovery and decoding of MD5 hashed passwords by professionals.
  • The use of unique software which would have discovered a flaw allowing any Facebook account to be hacked.
You have been warned! : It is important not to download these programs and not to give out your password or credit card information. These hackers can use this information to steal your money or hack into your computer.

Is it possible to hack Facebook in two seconds?

Is it possible to hack facebook account
Is it possible to hack a Facebook account?

A little logic please! Is it really possible to believe that a social network as popular and important as Facebook, which manages the data of more than a billion users, could be hacked in a matter of seconds?

Facebook has a dedicated IT security team called “ Computer Emergency Response Team“, which regularly receives information about leaks and potential attacks. It is therefore unlikely that simple software or script would be able to hack Facebook servers.

It's important to remember that if hacking Facebook was easy, Meta would have gone bankrupt long ago. To hack a single account, you would have to hack the entire Facebook database. This is almost impossible even for professionals.

So how do you hack a Facebook account?

Direct hacking software does not exist. In no case will there be a miracle that will make you hack a person.

It is true that 100% computer security does not exist, but for to hack a Facebook account, must be patient and intelligent. If you want specialized tools, you can for example orient yourself towards Kali Linux.

However, in this article, we are going to share with you 6 methods that security professionals use to identify vulnerabilities in a system.

Please note:: This article is for educational and preventative purposes only. Learn the attack to better protect yourself. You are solely responsible for your actions, and no liability on the part of the instructor will be incurred for the misuse of the content taught.

1) Installing a keylogger on the victim's PC

The keylogging technique involves installing malware on the victim's computer that records everything typed on the keyboard, such as passwords and banking information.

There are also hardware keyloggers, which are physical devices that can be connected to the computer's keyboard, cable, or system, making it easy to hack a Facebook account.

For more information on keyloggers, I invite you to read this article: Keyloggers: operation, use and protection.

keyloggers to hack facebook account
Hardware keylogger (keylogger)

2) Use of Phishing coupled with DNS Spofing

Le Phishing is a technique that involves creating a copy of a login page, such as Facebook's, and hosting it on a server. The link to this copy is then sent to the victim via email, Messenger or SMS.

When the victim logs into this page, the login credentials are stolen and used to hack into their Facebook account.

This technique has the disadvantage that the victim must click on the link, which may arouse suspicion. To avoid this, hackers often use a technique called “ DNS spoofing“, which consists of automatically redirecting users to the fake login page via a wifi network.

This is done by intercepting the user's request to log in to the legitimate Facebook site and redirecting them to the fraudulent copy.

To perform this attack, a hacker uses the tool Ettercap and the software Social Engineering Toolkit 5 available on the Kali Linux distribution.

DNS Spoofing Attack

3) Take control of a machine remotely

This technique consists of exploiting flaws in the operating system or software installed in it.

Every day, new security vulnerabilities are discovered by hackers on different operating systems. These flaws are exploitable and allow a person to take remote control of a machine and hack a Facebook account. For this, hackers use the tool Metasploit.

Metasploit is a tool for developing and running exploits against a remote machine. It contains hundreds of exploits and allows you to attack all types of machines.

To learn more about the Metasploit tool, watch this article: what Metasploit and how to use  ?

4) Intercept data on a network with Ettercap

Etercap is software that captures data circulating on a network and edits its content.

It can capture any information sent across a network. And therefore display both the identity of users and their passwords transmitted by any service carrying clear (unencrypted) data, such as Telnet, DNS, SMTP, POP3, FTP and HTTP.

To know how to intercept data on a network, read this article: The Sniffers « network analyzer ».

Facebook password packet detection and capture
Sniffer or packet analyzer scheme

5) Password recovery with USB key

It is also possible to create a USB key that recovers passwords from a computer. A USB key that runs automatically and recovers most of the passwords stored on the victim's computer.

For more info on this method, watch this tutorial: TUTO HACK: Creating a rootkit USB key.

6) Recover Facebook password with WebBrowserPassView

WebBrowserPassView is a free software that can recover passwords saved on a local computer. This tool can be useful if you've forgotten a password or need to access an account on a browser you don't normally use.

WebBrowserPassView can recover passwords stored by 4 different web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. It is easy to use and requires no technical skills. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, download the WebBrowserPassView utility by clicking on this link.
  • Launch the program.
  • Once WebBrowserPassView is executed, the main window will display all the passwords stored by the web browser.
  • To find the Facebook password, search for the word “Facebook” using the option Edit -> Find. The password will be displayed in the column Password.
Hack Facebook Password with WebBrowserPassView
WebBrowserPassView interface

It is important to note that you can only recover passwords if they are stored on the local computer.


In conclusion, it should be noted that hacking a Facebook account is not at all an easy thing. Sometimes a hacker can spend sleepless nights trying all these techniques, without getting any results. If you are well protected, you will have nothing to fear.

Then, know that most of the tools taught on the internet have a single purpose: take your money.

Finally, real attacks do exist, no web application is safe from vulnerabilities and no server is invincible. But you certainly can't find the recipe on the first page of Google. Leave it to the professionals and protect your facebook account well.

If you are a victim of Facebook hack and you want to recover your account, take a look at this article: Facebook account hacked, how to recover it?