Facebook account hacked, how to recover it?

lost faceook password
lost faceook password

Last updated: January 27, 2023

Hacking into a Facebook account has recently become a plague. Many users of the largest social network on the web are victims of facebook hacking and more than half of them are unable to recover their accounts.

Indeed, they are often ignorant of the methods available to recover their precious possessions. This is why we are going to explain in this article these techniques which are easy to implement to recover your Facebook account hacked.

There are several scenarios that we will each study.

1) Forgotten password or Changed password

This is the most common case: your Facebook account is hacked and the password is changed but your email address or phone number is still associated with your hacked Facebook account.

To recover your hacked account, you will need to do the following:

  • First, go to https://www.facebook.com and click on “Forgot your password ? »
  • Then enter your email address, phone number or name in the text box and press Search.
  • At this point you should see your profile with your recovery email and phone number. Select your phone number or email address and click Continue.

  • Now check your email or your mobile phone if you chose the phone to get your recovery code. Enter the code and click Continue.

  • It's over. Choose a new password and you can recover your hacked Facebook account.

2) Password changed and you don't have access to recovery email

In this case, the hacker has changed your Facebook password and you lost where forgot your email address password associated with the account.

  • As in the previous case, go to the Facebook page and click on " Forgot your password? »
  • Then enter your email address, phone number or name in the text box and press Search.
  • Then click on " No access to these options? At the bottom of the reset password dialog box. Then click on "I cannot access my mailbox".
info: If you've tried this method before and got the message "We couldn't confirm this account belongs to you" feel free to try again. But this time use another device. It must be a device that you have previously used to sign in to your iPhone account.

  • Enter a new email address to which you have access. It will be used to send you messages relating to the recovering your hacked Facebook account. Then click on continue.
  • You will then be redirected to additional recovery options. This may vary depending on the Facebook accounts:
    - Security Question : This option is not available for new Facebook accounts but is still available for old accounts. If this option is available, then you will need to answer the question to reset your password.
    - Trusted contact : you can use this option if and only if you have already established a list of trusted contacts in your Facebook account settings.
  • Click on "Unveil my trusted contacts"and type in the full name of one of your trusted contacts.
  • You will see a list of instructions that includes a URL address. The URL contains a special security code that only your trusted contact can access. Call your friend and then give them the URL so that they can open the link and give you the code.
  • Use the security code to access your hacked Facebook account.

3) The password and associated email have been changed

In this case, the hacker has changed your password as well as your associated email address. This is the worst case scenario. However, there is a solution. You must have access to your old email address.

This method only works if you apply it just a few days after hacking your Facebook account.

  • First, log into your email account (the one you used to create your Facebook account) and look for emails from Facebook notifying you of the change of address or password.
    Usually the subject of the email is " Facebook password change ».
  • Then click on " If you haven't, please protect your account ».
  • Facebook will then suggest to you to " secure your account », Click continue and proceed.
  • In the next step, several recovery options may be offered to you depending on your account and your security:
    - Upload your identity card: you will need to upload your official identity card by following the procedure. A Facebook employee will verify it and reactivate your account. You will be informed by email.
    - Verification of your date of birth: you will have to enter your date of birth to re-access your Facebook account.
    - Recognize your friends on their photos: you must recognize 5 of the 7 names of friends shown on their photos.

4) Report your hacked account to Facebook

If none of the above methods is effective, you should report your hacked account directly to Facebook.

To do this, access the hacked account report page and click on "My account has been hacked".

Next, enter your email address or phone number, then click " Search ».

Now enter your most recent password and click " Carry on to report your account. Facebook may provide additional instructions to help you recover your account.

Finally, Facebook may ask you to upload a photo of your ID to prove your identity, as explained in section three of this article.

info: When sending a photo of your ID, make sure the photo is clear and of high quality (no webcams) and that all four corners of your ID are visible with your name and your birth date.

My account was recovered, but the hacker enabled two-factor authentication

Once your password is reset, don't celebrate just yet. If your account has been hacked, it could be that the hacker has enabled two-factor authentication tied to their own phone number. This means that you will need a special login code to log in.

In this fig case, follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to your account with your login and password.
  • In the 2-factor authentication page, click "You need another authentication method ?"
  • At the bottom of the page, click on "Get more help".
  • Finally, enter your email address and import your ID again.
If this submission is successful, Facebook will send a link and code to your new primary email address.

5) Facebook recovery links

Here are the best links for recovering a hacked Facebook account:

If you have recovered your Facebook account, you should follow our account security guide to keep it safe.