How do you know if you are blocked on WhatsApp?

Maybe you had a little quarrel, or a misunderstanding, and now you are wondering if any of your contacts have blocked on whatsapp ? Were you communicating with someone via WhatsApp and haven't heard from that person for a while? Wondering if the person blocked you?

Here we will learn how to know if you are blocked on whatsapp.

How do you know if you are blocked on WhatsApp?

There are three factors to consider. The combination of the three indications will show you in 99% of the cases, if a contact has blocked on whatsapp or not.

You do not see the date of its last connection

The first factor is that you will not be able to see "the date of last connection", the connection information and the "online" indicator in your contact's chat window.

However, these are not really infallible indicators. Because there are applications that allow you to easily change the information "Last seen at..." and set it to OFF.

Look for the two check marks

The second factor, when you send a message to a contact who has blocked you, it will always show a checkmark (which indicates the message has been sent), but the second checkmark (indicating the message has been delivered) will not will not display.

Two ticks mean that the message was successfully sent and delivered. If you have sent a message and it only shows a check mark, there is a big risk that you have been blocked.

WhatsApp profile picture not showing or not showing up

Most likely, your contact hasn't left their profile picture for everyone to see or just haven't changed it. But if you find that there is no change in your contact's profile picture or profile information for a while.

In this case, ask one or more mutual friends on WhatsApp to certify that there have been or name changes to the contact profile in question. If this friend sees changes in your contact's profile, while you do not, it means that you have been block on whatsapp.

You cannot invite him to a group

This element is the definitive proof : Create a group and try to add the contact you suspect. If a message appears saying "Unable to add this person", and everything else is positive... it's that he blocked you on WhatsApp or that he changed number.

While these factors may suggest that you have been blocked, they are not 100% reliable. Know if you are blocked on WhatsApp is difficult. The developers of WhatsApp intentionally left this question ambiguous in order to protect the privacy of anyone who chooses to block someone. Any indicator that will outright prove that a person has been blocked violates their privacy.

So in case you find out that you have been blocked on whatsapp, the question for a champion is to know: how to be unblocked? Well, there is no one in this world who can remove you from the blacklist except the person who blocked you. Try to settle disputes amicably.