What is the difference between seen and read on WhatsApp?

difference seen read whatsapp
difference seen read whatsapp

Dernière mise à jour: 25 mai 2024

Since its launch on the application stores, WhatsApp has made many changes in terms of both ergonomics and functionality for users. Among these, we find in particular the possibility of see if a person is online, and whether or not she read our messages.

What is the difference between seen and read on WhatsApp? What are the different statuses through which a message passes on the application? I explain everything in this article.

The option seen at on WhatsApp

The option " seen at »Activated by default in the application allows your contacts to see in real time your connection status. To do this, you just need to go to the conversation you have with a contact and look at the status under their name.

This message indicates here that my contact logged in to the app for the last time today at 9:44 am. If your contact is using the application in real time, you will then see the message "online".

If you ever see any information showing under your contact's name, it means they've simply blocked that option so no one knows if they're online or not.
Also note that this function " vu Is not available in group chats. It is imperative to enter individually on each contact to verify their online presence.

The different statuses of a WhatsApp message

While for the online status of a person, we are going to talk about " vu ", When it comes to message, it will be more a question of" lu ". Here are the different statuses that your WhatsApp messages can take.

To consult them, you can refer to the symbol at the bottom right of a message. Or press and hold on a message and go into details.

  • A small clock indicates that the message is still with you. It may take a few seconds for it to be delivered to your recipient. If the situation persists, check your Internet connection.
  •  The presence of a symbol grayed out indicates that the message has been sent, but the recipient's device is not connected. Two symbols ✓✓ grayed out next to each other lets you know that the message has arrived at its destination.
  • Finally, when these two symbols turn blue ✓✓, it means that your contact has read your message.
  • All this information can be confirmed from the "details" menu which appears after a long press on the message that interests us. This allows in particular to check when the message was delivered, and when it was read.

You now know all the differences between “seen” and “read” options on WhatsApp. Thus, no one will be able to tell you that they have not received your messages!