10 tips for mastering WhastsApp on Android and iOS


Whatsapp is arguably the most widely used instant chat application in the world. It is used by over a billion people. But is it therefore the most mastered by its users?
In this article, I have collected the best WhatsApp tips to better use it to its full potential.
I'm not going to look at the basics, sufficiently explained within the application such as sending messages, calls, conversation groups... but rather on hidden functions and little known who make Whatsapp a multifaceted application.

1. Choose who can see your WhatsApp profile

By default, any WhatsApp user can see your name, photo and status; To avoid this, press the 3 dots at the top right then go to Settings > My account > Privacy and choose who you want to show this information to.

2. Remove Read Receipt

The blue double check is one of the features of WhatsApp that allows your interlocutor to be notified of the reception and reading of the message. While this feature can be useful, it is also very intrusive. To delete it, go to Settings > My Account > Privacy and uncheck Read confirmation.

3. Mute a Contact in WhatsApp

If one of your contacts is too insistent, it is possible not to receive notifications from them for a given time. In the conversation in question, touch the name of the contact and activate Silence. Then choose a period and uncheck Show notifications. The principle is the same for a group conversation. The Silence will then concern all its participants.

4. Enable backup of your chats in Google Drive

WhatsApp allows conversations to be saved via Google Drive. If you feel like rereading them or if you need proof in case of problems, this feature can be very useful.
To keep a copy of your conversations and received files go to Settings > Chat > ​​Backup chats. Under Google Drive Settings, then choose the backup frequency.

5. Customize WhatsApp wallpaper

Tired of WhatsApp's default wallpaper? Open the conversation you want to customize and go to the menu then select Wallpaper. You then have the choice of uploading a photo from your smartphone or uploading one.

6. Customize Notifications

You can choose for each contact a notification sound, a ringtone for calls, etc. In the Contact tab of WhatsApp, touch the photo of a contact then touch the i icon and personalized notifications. Tick ​​use custom notifications and go all out with the settings present on the page.

7. Create a WhatsApp Chat Shortcut

To save even more time, add a shortcut to a conversation Whatsapp directly on the desktop of your Android or iPhone mobile. In a chat, tap the three vertical dots then More and add a shortcut. You find it on the desktop, just as if it were an application.

8. Clear All WhatsApp Chats

It's time for the big cleanup! For delete all your conversations in a single manipulation, go to settings then discussions then on Discussion history and choose Delete all discussions. Select an option among the three proposed and validate with Clear.

9. Report spam or block a number

Anyone who finds your phone number can send you a WhatsApp message, whether they're in your contacts or not. Very often, it is spam. At the top of the conversation, you then have the option to Block number so that he can no longer contact you. Or Add it to your directory, if you know it.

10. Delete your WhatsApp account

Whatsapp no longer of any use to you? Delete your account Whatsapp. The operation erases all your messages, and makes you disappear from the list of WhatsApp contacts as well as from group conversations. In Settings > My account, touch Supprimer mon compte. Enter your phone number and start the operation with the red Delete my account button (twice).