3 Ways to Find Out If a Contact Blocked Us on FaceTime

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Sometimes it can happen for various reasons that of people blocking you directly on FaceTime. Therefore, it is impossible for you to contact them, but above all, you are absolutely not informed.

Indeed, nothing will tell you that you have been blocked on FaceTime and you can thus continue to send messages and try to call for a while without necessarily having answers from your interlocutor who has blocked you.

Therefore, it may take a while before you feel like you've been blocked. If you've come this far, you've had that feeling for a while and want answers. That's good, we'll give them to you.

Indeed, if at first, we will see how to block someone on facetime from their iphone, we will then see the different methods that you can apply in order to have the answer to your question, to find out if you've been blocked on FaceTime.

How to block someone on FaceTime?

The first thing to know is that theyou can't really block someone except on FaceTime. Indeed, if you choose to block the person, they will no longer be able to contact you at all.

Therefore, of course FaceTime will be blocked, but so will normal calls and even text messages.. In short, anything that goes through your mobile number will be blocked for that particular person, which can be handy.

Indeed, if someone is harassing you, for example, blocking can quickly become essential. We are therefore going to tell you the procedure to follow to set it up in relation to a particular number.

The procedure is very simple. Whether on FaceTime, in your texts or in your call history, you can see a small 'I' blue icon next to the phone number, just click on it.

Then scroll through the options until the one to block the contact appears.

Then validate your choice. From then on, that person will no longer be able to get in touch with you.

No mention clearly indicates that you are blocked on FaceTime

Of course, if when you were blocked, you were told about it or even if you fell directly on a refusal on each call, it would quickly put you on the alert, it's quite logical.

So, to protect its users, Apple has implemented the following system. When you go to FaceTime a contact who has blocked you, everything will happen as if they had not done so.. It will ring for a few seconds.

You will then have the impression that it did ring, but that your correspondent was not available or simply did not have time to take the call. Nothing more will then be indicated to you.

However, what is certain is that you can have an idea that the person has blocked you if he has not answered several calls. In this case, doubt may arise on your part.

However, as you were told, nothing can guarantee you at that time that the person in front of you has indeed blocked you. However, there is three techniques to allow you to make sure of it and we present them to you.

Use the SMS trick

The first technique is that of SMS. Indeed, you have surely noticed that on your messages between iPhone, you have an evolution of the statuses of the messages. These appear initially in delivered, then in read.

Of course, as for FaceTime, if the mention delivered did not appear, you would have fairly quickly the confirmation that you have been blocked and it will therefore appear as in a normal message.

However, the mention read does not appear. Therefore, if you ever see that you have all your messages delivered, but none are read, you know that you have probably been blocked by this contact.

Be careful though, since this is a fairly simple method for see you've been blocked, it is quite possible that Apple will react in the fairly near future via an update and set up false read mentions in conversations.

Try calling with another number

If ever this technique were to be corrected, do not panic, there is always another technique, that of calling via another phone. For this, the first step is to call with your phone blocked to make sure that the call goes well when it's you.

Then borrow the phone a member of your family or a friend, try calling the person again. If it answers when it didn't thirty seconds ago with your phone, you can be sure you've been blocked.

This is surely the technique that will allow you to know as soon as possible if you have been blocked on FaceTime or not and also the one that is surely the most reliable since you will never be told directly that you have been blocked.

Go through Messenger

Finally, the last technique that we can present to you is to attempt to use other email services. Indeed, if your phone number has been blocked, it is surely also the case for your Messenger account.

Besides, unlike your iPhone, it is quite easy to know if you have been blocked on Messenger by your contact. Indeed, when you try to send him a message, a small red dot appears next to him. Moreover, to confirm it, you can see that it is impossible to display his profile on Messenger.

This is then a sign that your message could not be sent because you were blocked by this contact on Messenger. Since then, you will know almost for certain that you have also been blocked on FaceTime by the latter.