How do you stop people from adding you to groups on Facebook?

You have surely already experienced the situation that we are about to tell you about. While you were quietly on Facebook, you receive a Facebook group add notification from someone you don't know.

In fact, it's a bit spam method fashionable at the moment and more and more people are looking for a way toavoid these untimely invitations.

In this article, we will see the means offered by Facebook to prevent people from adding you to groups on Facebook

Can't block people from adding you to Facebook groups

For many, many years, the preferred method of spamming was this. You received a friend request from a generic person as possible and if you had the misfortune to accept, they started to want to rip you off most of the time.

But over the years, these methods have evolved and people have especially started to be wary of these friend requests that come out of nowhere. So, scammers and other thugs on the net have started to adapt with new techniques.

At the moment, what hits the nail on the head are invitations to discussion groups. you've probably had them before and they all take almost the same form. These are groups with dozens of people and the scammer sends the first message, often with a link to their scam.

Except that we can understand that after a while, receiving this kind of notification, it annoys you. Well, the bad news is that right now, it is not possible to block these invitations !

An upcoming option to prevent friends from adding you to Facebook groups

Indeed, it's just a safe bet that Facebook did not necessarily foresee that this kind of abuse could take place on its platform and at the present time, there is no option allowing you to avoid these invites.

So, they abound and for the moment, there is no way to miss them. However, it could be that in the coming weeks, the situation will change with a new update from Facebook.

Indeed, the complaints are numerous and it's a safe bet that on the side of Meta, we are starting to take this seriously and that we are rapidly developing a tickable option to put an end to this problem. But in the meantime, there isn't really a choice, you have to go through other means to try to limit as much as possible these spams which are more and more invasive.

Immediately leave the Facebook group and prevent re-invitation

For the rest of this article, we will distinguish two types of conversations of this kind which can be spam. here we will focus on bots that automatically invite you and that you don't know about at all.

In this case, there is not much to do. Indeed, do not try to reason with them or what, it will be useless. No, the only thing you can do is make sure leave this group to not get notifications.

To do this, when you receive the invitation, immediately click on no. Once that's done, you'll have an option to not be invited to that group at all, so you'll at least get rid of one of them.

On the other hand, as you can imagine, this will require you to repeat the same operation over and over again, which can be clearly tedious. But as we told you earlier, while waiting for Meta to react, there are not 50 solutions to avoid this inconvenience.

Block spam accounts from Facebook groups

This solution, we do not recommend it as such for a good reason, it is that it is at least definitive. Indeed, what we advise you then is to block anyone who spams you.

This person will then no longer be able to find you on Facebook and from there, it will be impossible for them to invite you back to groups. By the way, you can also block the bots that invite you that we told you about a little earlier.

This is currently the only way to be sure and certain that you will never have an invitation from these people again. It's a bit definitive as a means, but until we have better, we unfortunately have to be satisfied with it.


There you go, now you know how to stop being bothered by these invitations to Facebook groups or at least make these invitations so they bother you less.

As we told you, for the moment, there is unfortunately no real solution put in place by Facebook and this is understandable, the problem being rather recent. However, we can count on them to have a reaction.

Therefore, when it arrives, it is with joy that we will update this article to offer you a solution allowing you to no longer be bothered by these requests that pollute your daily life.

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