How to make your Facebook account private on iPhone?

Last updated: November 2, 2022

Facebook is a simple way to keep in touch, get news, get organized, share passions and even get information. However, as you can imagine, there are still less pleasant points.

You certainly don't want everyone to be able to have access to your information as if nothing had happened. For this scenario, there is a mode that may make you happy, private mode. But then, how to make your facebook account private on iphone ? That's what we're going to see here!

What is putting your Facebook account in private?

Well first let's start by reviewing together what is the private mode on Facebook. Be aware that if you are in public mode, which is Facebook's basic mode, everyone sees everything !

That is to say, roughly people have access to absolutely everything you post. It's still annoying, especially if you ever post pictures personal for example. So you don't necessarily want them to be in the eyes of the world.

Likewise, if you are not in private mode, everyone will have access to information that you will have completed and also necessarily to all the messages that you will have posted on Facebook. In short, pass make facebook private on iphone, it is important.

Besides, know that if you change your mind, it is obviously not permanent. Likewise, if you ever want to post a message that can be seen by everyone, it is possible to choose to post this message specifically in public mode.

How to make your Facebook profile private on iPhone?

Okay, now that we've seen what private mode is and why you should also activate it on your Facebook account, let's now see how to go about it.

In fact, you will only need a few steps and, above all, a few minutes to make Facebook private on your iPhone, although we will see later that it is possible to go even further.

But for now, let's just switch Facebook private on the phone.

To do this, follow the next steps:

  • Launch Facebook and log in if needed.
  • On the home page, open the menu by tapping the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • When the drop-down menu appears, select Settings and privacy and press Privacy shortcuts.

  • In the Privacy section, choose see other privacy settings.
  • Look for the section Your activity. This is where you can select things like who sees your posts or who can add you as a friend.
  • Now change who can see your future posts with only Friends.
  • Then, validate the option for limit who can see old posts.
  • change who will be able to see your future reels to set it to To mes.
  • Finally, change who can see your friends list with only me.

Limit who can contact you

Here it is now, you have made your Facebook account private on iPhone ! Indeed, no one will be able to see what you have asked or what you will post if he is not one of your friends.

However, if you want, you can take the idea of ​​being untraceable even further. Indeed, you can ensure that you appear as little as possible in the different searches, even if you will still be there if directly search your name on Facebook.

It is, however, an additional security to the fact of “make your Facebook account private on iPhone”. So keep scrolling down the previous list in the menu and follow our tips below.

  • Change « who can find you using the email address you provided » with only my friends.
  • Change “who can find you using the phone number you provided” with only my friends.
  • Change “do you want search engines outside of Facebook to display a link to your profile” by no.

Limit who can message you on Facebook Messenger

That's it, you should now be relatively quiet because in addition to making your account private on Facebook, you have simply locked the fact that you can be found outside of Facebook.

However, these techniques are not infallible, far from it and an option that must absolutely be activated on Facebook, the fact of being able to limit who tries to send you messages on Messenger.

However, at a time when Facebook spam are starting to multiply via messages, this is a clearly annoying point.

To control who can send a message on Facebook Messenger, just follow these steps:

  • Open your Messenger app.
  • Tap Menu in the top left and open Settings by clicking the cogwheel in the top right.
  •  Press Confidentialité et sécurité.
  • In the section Who can contact you, Press on Receive messages.
  • Now press Other people on Facebook.
  • Select Do not receive invitations.

Voila, now your Facebook account is secure. if you have followed all the steps we have presented to you in this guide, you should limit the fact that you are bothered.

Indeed, not only will you be able to post anything you want without everyone having access to it, but on top of that, you will purely and simply erase your present from search engine outside of Facebook, which will greatly limit who can find you.