Top 5 best data encryption sites

best data encryption sites
best data encryption sites

On the net, many risks put your data at risk. The preservation of your digital information is not to be taken lightly. Then how can you be sure that a third party cannot access your files sent over the internet? By encrypting them of course !

Here, I present you the best addresses for encrypt your data and prevent anyone from accessing it without your consent.

Mini Lock

Mini Lock is an extension for the chrome browser which allows to encrypt / decrypt files.

MiniLock simply creates a secret key from your email address and a passphrase. In the end, you will only have an alphanumeric called miniLock ID. This ID will allow you to encrypt files for yourself. To do this, just drag and drop a file into the MiniLock window to encrypt whatever you want.

The file will take the form and can only be decrypted by the MiniLock users that you have specified. To decrypt the file, do another copy-move.


Need to quickly encrypt a file and you are using Firefox? Secureshare offers much the same as Minilock, except that it encrypts in AES 128-bi. Everything also happens on the browser side and nothing is sent unencrypted to their server.
The SecureShare service encrypts your files from your browser and stores it on a server for temporary use.

For that, Do Choose your file, select the file and validate. The site will then give you the random password chosen for you (you can specify it in Advanced Options, just like the availability of the file) as well as two URLs. The first allows you to access the file without needing a password and the second requires you to use the key, which you will transmit by another means to the correspondent.


The site offers to encrypt text using many methods, more or less popular. Choose one, making sure it includes a field to enter a decryption key, then enter the text before clicking encrypt.

To decrypt the message, the recipient will have to go to the same page as you paste the text, type the key that you have given him, and validate with decrypt. All the operations are carried out on your PC, not sure of the external servers, and therefore nothing entered is recorded.


FileLock is an online service using the robust AES-256 encryption algorithm with password. You upload the file, you specify a password and you recover a fully encrypted file. Then to decrypt it, the recipient will have to go to the site, place the document and enter the key that you will have communicated to him. Encryption is done on the browser side.


Mega is the name of the website replacing the file hosting site Megaupload, closed by the FBI on January 19, 2012. The online storage service Mega has serious assets. First, with the creation of a free account, you get 50 GB of personal space. Then, all the placed files are encrypted, knowing that it is your PC which takes care of the encryption / decryption operation. Finally, Mega exists in a mobile version, has extensions for Chrome and Firefox, allows secure sharing with other people for collaborative work.