How to put music on iPhone?

put iphone music
put iphone music

La Music courses, it is perfect for multiple situations, whether to relax, to occupy the mind or to accompany us when we work or play sports. However, we don't always have the opportunity to listen to it from home.

Or, we will try not to disturb others and we will therefore choose a iPhone in order to meet patients' listen to his music. Except that if this is the first time that you are handling a mobile from Apple, you may have some problems.

Indeed, the method for adding music is different from those of mobiles running under Android. This is why we are going to explain to you here how to put music on iPhone.

Listen to music through iTunes

The first method that we will give you to listen to music is to go via a software called iTunes. It is software developed by Apple that allows you to keep your music library in one place. The principle is simple, you can import all your pieces of music that you have on a computer manually.

Once that's done, all you have to do is connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. You will then have the option to synchronize the laptop with the software, do so. After a few seconds, you will see that the music begins to be added to your iPhone and once the procedure is finished, all you have to do is click on the logo in the shape of a musical note on your iPhone to find all your music.

Add music to your iPhone via cloud storage services

If you're not entirely satisfied with standard use of iTunes or the Music app, cloud storage services offer an attractive alternative for managing your music library.

Here's how you can use Dropbox, as an example, to expand your music collection on iPhone, while noting that Google Drive and OneDrive offer similar processes.

Dropbox: Your music library in the cloud

  • Download dropbox from the App Store.
  • Log in with your credentials or create a new account if necessary.
  • On your computer, drag and drop your favorite songs into a Dropbox folder.
  • Make sure the sync is complete before moving on to the next step.
  • On your iPhone, open the Dropbox app and navigate to the folder containing your songs.
  • For offline listening, click on the “three vertical dots” next to the desired song and select “Make available offline”.
Please note: Although we've detailed the process for Dropbox, the steps for adding music via Google Drive or OneDrive are remarkably similar. Make sure to download the corresponding app, follow the syncing steps, and enjoy your music wherever you are.

Buy your music on iTunes Store

If you don't want to worry about going through iTunes, you can directly buy your music on your iphone! For this, you must go through an application that is installed as standard on your phone, Itunes Store.

This will then offer you two different options. Either you can buy the complete album or you can simply buy the songs individually! Useful if you like only a few songs in this album. Moreover, be aware that these single pieces of music will be sold for €1.50 in general, but that during promotional operations, they can go below the bar from €1.

Once you have purchased the music, you will be able to find it as for the first solution in themusic app for your iPhone. Also note that this purchase is linked to your iTunes account and that the music will also be found on the computer application if you ever connect to it with the same account!

Go through legal listening platforms

In recent years, a new way oflisten to music on iPhone appeared. Indeed, to fight against the piracy which plagues the world of music, alternatives appeared, the platforms of free listening of music. In France, there are two that dominate the market, Deezer et Spotify.

Here, the principle is quite simple. You will have to download these applications from your iPhone store and create an account. Then you can listen to the music you want from a huge catalog.

These applications offer paid offers, but it is possible to listen to this music legally and for free without having to pay a single cent! The only drawback is that from time to time, an ad appears between two pieces of music.

In addition, to ensure that these ads appear, you must have an internet connection and it will therefore be impossible to download playlists to listen offline, which you can do if you subscribe.