The benefits and harms of technology

flat design technology
flat design technology

Internet darknet, robots, smartphones…The technology has served us greatly as a whole and also has greatly improved our standard of living.

Technology is everywhere and in all forms, from the handy mixer to video conferencing via satellite, including geographical location, home automation and 3D printing.

The advantages of technology

Technology has allowed us to discover and be informed about the rest of the world. Thanks to technology, communication time between two people is reduced. Today, communication between different countries is almost instantaneous.

A study carried out by the firm “ Pew Internet and American Life Project » shows that the Internet is taking up more and more space in important decision-making in our lives. We even show that it is more and more present in everyone's life.

This study specifies that 60 million people said that the Internet had helped them with a crucial choice.

For example, the internet helped them buy a car, understand how to use software, and even find a cure when someone close to them suffered from an illness.

The disadvantages of technology

As there are advantages, there would also be the negative effects of technology, in particular a weakening of our faculties of concentration. The famous physicist Albert Einstein feared:

“I fear the day when technology will take precedence over human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. »

This alteration may cause comprehension difficulties, memorizing, learning, language and self-control.

Another drawback of technology is Pollution. Many technologies pollute the environment in one way or another. Computers are difficult to recycle; Cars produce CO2; industry pollutes nature. In addition, we have become very dependent on technology, to a point where we cannot do without it.

More work done by robots, that means less work for people. Humans are becoming more and more obsolete.


Finally, technologies are present in our daily lives and they will never cease to amaze us by the quality and speed of its functions. However, be careful not to let the technology control your life.