Top 10 Free Open Source Software

best free open source software
best free open source software

Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

The choice to use open-source software instead of proprietary software can respond to several motivations (economic or Data protection).

Whatever the motivation, the choice to install open source software is becoming more and more common among personal computing users. here is a list of the best open-source software.

Libre Office

To replace Microsoft Office suite, the office suite LibreOffice stands up to the challenge and is just as efficient.

Indeed, LibreOffice is an evolution derived from the OpenOffice project and benefits from an active community which allows you to benefit from regular updates as well as numerous extensions. And the big advantage of this office suite is that it is available in French for all operating systems.

The official Libre Office website is:


Firefox and the open-source internet browser the most widespread in France and in the world. It has been developed and maintained by the Mozilla Foundation since 2002.

Indeed, its very active community allows this browser to benefit from numerous plugins and extensions meeting user needs. Firefox is available for all operating systems with an interface in French.

The official Firefox website is:


Thunderbird and the open-source mail reader offered by the Mozilla foundation since 2003. It benefits from an active community, regular updates and is available for all operating systems (except mobile OS) in French.

The official Thunderbird website is:


Winamp is a audio file player the first version of which dates from 1997. For the next version (2019), Winamp plans to integrate all possible audio stream sources: audio, streaming, podcast and radios.

The Winamp community is active, although the latest version of the software dates from 2013, and is available in French and for computer and mobile operating systems under Android.

The official Winamp website is:


VLC is a french video player which allows since 1996 to play the most common audio and video formats. For advanced users, VLC can also be used as an audio or video streaming server.

The official VLC website is:


MediaCoder is multimedia converter software for audio and video formats that supports most formats on the market and allows CD / DVD ripping on the fly.

The official website of MediaCoder is:


Gimp is photo editing and image manipulation software that has over time become a serious alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

It has been available since 1995, with an interface in French, for all computer operating systems.

The official Gimp website is:


7-Zip is a compression software / unzip files developed for the operating system Windows.

Covered MacOS et Linux, the software has existed since 1999 and benefits from regular updates. Finally, this program has an interface in French.

The official website of 7-Zip is:


2048 is a puzzle video game developed in 2014, available on all software platforms. Indeed, 2048 is a puzzle game, whose particularly addictive nature appeared when it was ported to mobile platforms.

Sources for the game are available at Github and many software vendors offer it.

Notepad + +

Notepad + + is a text editor easy to use, very appreciated by IT developers because it uses syntax highlighting to highlight programming languages.

The official website of Notepad ++ is: