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Last updated: January 1, 2023

Streamza is a new service that combines the advantages of torrent downloading and streaming… without their disadvantages.

On the one hand, torrents offer the largest catalog of films and series as well as fastest downloads. On the other hand, Streaming allows you to start a film in three clicks, and provides a certain security to paranoid pirates who prefer not to store anything on their PC. But why choose when you can sign up for Streamza?

We knew the torrent streaming (on the µTorrent software in particular), but Streamza takes the concept further since the torrents are downloaded in the “Cloud”, that is to say on their own servers. Basically this means you can stream any audio or video files from the moment it exists in torrent sites, and this, from your computer, your iPhone, your iPad or your Apple TV (Yes, for Android, you will have to wait a little longer). And the subtitles so ?

No worries, Streamza integrates that too, searching them for you in and allowing you to activate them if necessary. Oh yes… and it’s free, at least in part. Unlike which focused on storage, Streamza favors rapid viewing: you download, you watch, you delete… and then you download something else. Ideal for heavy consumers of films and series who don't care about storing files.

Streamza has a few small flaws: its search engine in particular, which searches through French torrents from, is not quite up to par, and the influx of new free subscribers pushes the service to sometimes limit downloads. But that doesn't stop it from remaining one of the most complete and promising services we've come across this year.

Download and Watch a Streaming Movie

To use Stremza, first register. Streamza will only ask you for a username, password and email address. Click Sign up, fill in the three fields and click on Get started.


You are already ready to download your first torrent. Click on Search and enter the name of the desired movie. If you can't find a match, do the same search on your favorite torrent site and copy the link address. Then paste it in the tab field By link, and click Search.


In the tab instant, you will be able to see the progress of the download by clicking on the title of the film. Once it is finished, you just have to click on the button Show the file to start the video. No waiting time, no viewing limitation, streamza offers us a smooth and quality streaming.