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Last updated: December 26, 2022

If you've been addicted to P2P downloading, you're bound to love the new Torrents Time plugin.

Torrents Time is a small open-source plugin, which integrates a Torrent client and a video player, and which allows you to stream torrent content directly in a browser.

Available for all browsers on Windows or Mac, just install it, and click on a link in the browser to start it.

It is now therefore possible to watch the movies directly in Google Chrome or in Firefox.

The developers of Torrents Time explain that the plug-in is made up of two parts: a Bittorrent engine based on the Libtorrent library, and a video player that uses FFmpeg technology.

The famous site The Pirate Bay has already implemented the code for Torrents Time, notably by adding a button entitled "Stream it!" »On each page presenting a file torrent sites.


I tried quickly, and I have to admit that it works quite well.

To use Torrents Time on your computer, you must first install an executable file that you will find on the site. Once done, restart your browser and you can stream the torrents available at Popcorntime-online, The Pirate Bay, KickAss-Torrents, and others.


Note, that in itself the use of the plug-in is not illegal, viewing copyrighted content is a bit more biased.