How to have access to free television on PC?

Today, we see that more and more young people are starting to abandon classic television to watch new programs and above all in a new way. Nevertheless, free TV on PC has a future.

Concretely, the majority of people who abandon classic television do so for one point in particular, advertising which has become, it must be said, very intrusive at times on this medium.

The idea of ​​the free tv on pc, it is to be able to resume programs from the beginning and for example to skip advertising altogether if it bothers you. In short, it is a very practical solution and we give you some tips here to take advantage of it!

Have access to free TV on PC via official replay channels

As you were told, young people are increasingly leaving traditional television and that, the majority of TNT television channels did not take long to understand and find solutions.

From then on, you can with these chains watch free tv on pc in a very easy way. You just have to go to the channel's site and usually create an account.

Once that's done, you have several options available to you. The first is simply to replay a show that you missed, all with little or no ads.

Alternatively, you can also simply have free tv on pc by looking directly at what the channel is broadcasting at the moment. The advantage of going through the channel's site is that if you arrive late, you can easily return to the start and not miss a thing.

Pass by Molotov

As we have just said, going through the websites of the DTT channels is a trick that works well, but it is still quite annoying. Each time you will have to create an account and change the site.

So, a service has understood all this and allows you to centralize all these channels in one place, Molotov. Indeed, thanks to this downloadable application on your computer, and even on mobile and tablet, you can watch DTT channels!

Thanks to this, you will be able to watch TV shows, streaming movies or series with ease. If you want even more channels, Molotov offers two paid packages, one at €4 per month and the second at €10.

List of the best free IPTV channels

If you don't like the Molotov service, you can watch TV streaming using your own IPTV service.

Thanks to a repository on GitHub, it's easier than ever to watch TV shows on your computer. This is a tool that compiles several playlists in .m3u format grouping together more than 20 television channels in IPTV.

You don't need to subscribe to an expensive plan. You just need a video player like Whats Up TV and an IPTV source

You have been warned!, like streaming radio, this service is legal for personal use. Generally, you can use it to watch channels whose streams are accessible free of charge and legally on the web without a decoder.

To watch TV on your PC, simply launch the online tool  whats-up-tv.

Then simply copy paste one of the links below:

  • Main playlist:
  • Grouped by country:
  • Grouped by category:
  • Grouped by language:

See if your internet subscription does not allow you to have free television on PC

Often, when you take out an internet subscription or a telephone subscription, you are entitled to a whole host of things. But what interests us is not that, so we miss it.

The thing is that today, all operators offer channel packages to which you will be entitled by taking out a subscription with them and you would be wrong to deprive yourself of them.

Therefore, to have access to free television on PC, the solution is to go to the official website of your internet service provider. There, log in with your credentials and access your account.

All you have to do is go to the tab of the site concerning television channels and you will have access to all those included in your package. If you want the details, the best thing is to contact your operator directly who, with your identifiers, will be able to tell you more!

Take advantage of paid service trial offers

Finally, the last technique that we are going to share with you to be able to watch free tv on pc, it's simply to take advantage of the various promotional offers of the distribution platforms.

Whether Canal +, Prime Video or even Netflix, most offer time-limited trials that won't cost you a penny. It is for example very practical if you have a little time in front of you to devour a series.


That's it, you now know more about how to have free access to television on your computer. There are several ways and the good news is that you can combine them.

In addition, between the DTT channels that are free and those that you probably forgot you had via your internet subscription, you will have plenty of choice when it comes time to choose what to watch. So all you have to do is settle down and relax in front of a good movie or series.